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 In 1772 Rev. David McClure, a New England Congregationalist minister
itinerated through southwestern Pennsylvania on his way to visit the Indians
in Ohio. In the autumn of 1772, three groups presented calls to McClure to
minister among them. These calls are an early census, if you will, of
Presbyterian heads of families here at that time. They read as follows:

 We the subscribers, inhabitants of Fairfield Township, Province of
Pennsylvania and County of Bedford lamenting the great want of a protestant
clergyman to settle amongst us in this distant country and having an
opportunity upon proper environment of obtaining a gentleman of that
character to preach unredable/torn/blotted . . two parts of that time at
Ligonier and one third at Squire Hills.. .witness this hand this 20th day of
November 1772:

 Jas. Pollock Georg Glenn George McDowl
John McNogher John McMillen Jas. McCurdy
 Jean Campbell Jas. Donaly David Willson
 David Thompson Thos. Jameson William Bracken
 A. Hendrick(son) James How Thos. Campbel
 John Millen Jno. Livingston Geo. Hutchinson
 Luke Picket Wm. Hanna torn Archbald
 ____ Freman Peter Chaigneau James Benford
 Henry Slater James McKay John Hanna
 Thos. Cheney John Guld Robt. Laughlen
 Alxr. Johnston Richd. Shenon Robt. Reed
 Robert Nox John Palmer Saml. Smith
 William McCune John Stinson John torn off
 James Cooper John Sellers Thomas Woods
 Matthew Fowler Wm. Wharton Robert Gibbons
 Robert Smiley George Finley Samuel Shannon
 Thos. Bird John Wilson

 Addl names with additional pledges (some duplications):
 Thos. Cheney John McNagher Jas. McCurdy
 John McMillon Jean Campbell Davis Wilson
 Thos Jameson Wm. Hendrics Jas. How
 Luk Pickit Ceasr Freeman Peter Shine
 Henry Slater John Hanna Jas. Pollock
 Georg Glen Georg McDowl Robt. Laughlen
 Alxr. Johnston Robt Nox John Palmer
 SamI. Shanon Thos. Bird John Wilson
 Wm. Bracken Richd. Shenon Robt. Reid
 Saml. Smith

 We the subscribers of Mount Pleasant Township and others of the county of
Bedford and province of Pensylvania lamenting the grate want of a protestant
clergyman to be settled among us in this county and having an opportunity
upon proper incouragement of obtaining a gentleman of the character to
preach the gospel amongst us which inestemble polessing we embrace by
promising to pay or cause to be paid unto the Reverand Mr. David McClure the
several following sums annexed to our names for six months residence
commencing from the 12th of November to the 12 of May 1775?, he the said
McClure executing the office of his ministery at the tent near the Fourteen
Mile Run in said settlement or at any other covanent place near to it every
third Sabbith to the assembled in witness whereof we have hereunto set our
hands this 11 of November 1772.

 John Proctor William Crier SamI. Coulter
 William Graham Alxr. Barr Frances M. Otis
 Patrick Arms(t)? Saml. Moorhead James Scott
 Georg Cousins Wm. Sloan William Barnes
 David Livingston Seth Stiles Wm. Perry
 Josias Campbell Arthur Oharro Fillib/Phillip Goss
 Wm. Mitcheal Saml. Sloan James Latta
 James Beard Charles Beard John Pumroy
 Edward Cahil Clarence Logan

 We the subscribers do hereby promise to pay or cause to be paid unto the
Revd. Mr. McClure the several sums to our name respectively annexed on the
first day of May next if so long the said McClure shall continue among us to
preach the Gospel and perform the duties of his calling. Witness our hands
the twenty fifth day of December anno Domini 1772:

 John Stephenson Nath'l. Crawford W. Crawford
 Matthew Jeffery
David Lindsay William Massy
 John Stewart John Vance Elijah Innes
 Jacob Minter George Shillings Ezek'l Hickman
 Robt. Worthington W. Vaniker/W.N.Siker Ben. Harreson
 Zach. Connell Mich. Teggart

 "Recd. the whole of this Subscription from Mr. John Stinson, Collector and
others. J.D. Macclure, Stewarts Crossings May 28, 1773."