In 1788 at Ruddle's Place, David Lindsay signed a petition with others to build a tobacco warehouse. We think he arrived in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1787.

It is his signature we see on this petition where he signed Lindsay with a "A".  Now we know we are Lindsay's and not Lindsey's!

Ruddle's Place and Ruddle's Mill seem to be two different places but it is close to the old Ruddle's Fort destroyed by the British in 1780. Whether David owned property here is not known. His estate probate (1814) and property were in Harrison County with land purchased in 1787. Perhaps he lived in the same place all the time, as Harrison County was formed out of Bourbon County in 1793.

A great place to read about the history of Ruddle's Fort and Mill can be found at Bob Francis web site:

A printed version of the petition:

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