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An inventory & appraisal & also a list of the sale

Of the estate of David Lindsay deceased was returned unto

Court & ordered to be recorded



These commissioners appointed by a former order of this court to

Lay of Nancy Lindsay her dower in the land of which

Her late husband David Lindsay died seized and possessed

This day returned their report which was examined & approved of the court and ordered to be recorded in the words &

Figures following to wit                                                             

Pursuant to an order of the Harrison County            

Court appointing us the subscribers commissioners

To assign and lay off to Nancy Lindsay her

Dower in the lands of which her late husband

Died seized and possessed have proceeded to lay off of the same

As follows Beginning at A in the annexed plat a stake near

The grave yard in James Lindsays line running from thence


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N 501/2 W 1121/2 poles with James Lindsays line to his corner in Blairs

Line at B a white oak thence S 421/2 W 851/2 poles with Blairs

Line to C a stake thence S 471/2 E E 124 poles to D a stake thence

?? N 39 E 181/2 poles to E a stake in the lane at the lower corner

of the apple orchard thence crossing the lane fence and

running S 59 E 14 poles to a stake at F thence running thro

=ugh the orchard N 39 E 22 poles including three rows of apple

trees to a stake at G thence N 59 W 14 poles to a stake in the

lane at H thence N 39 E along the middle of the land 521/2

poles to the beginning containing 671/3 acres being one third

part of the land whereon her late husband David Lindsay

formerly lived given under our hands this 6th day of

September 1814 John Gale Samuel La??? Isaac Holman comrs