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This indenture made this 26th day of October one thousand

Eight hundred and eleven between Thomas Moore and Polly his wife

Of Harrison County and state of Kentucky of the one part and David

Lindsay of the county and state aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that

The said Thomas Moore and Polly his wife for and in consideration

Of the sum of fifty one pounds seven shillings and eight pence lawful money of

The state aforesd to them in hand paid before them? (an) sealing and delivery of

These presents the receipt whereof they do hereunto acknowledge and forever

Acquit and discharge the said David Lindsay his heirs coexecutors and adm??

Have bargained sold ??? and confirmed and by these presents do bargain

Sell alien and confirm unto the said David Lindsay his heirs and assigns

Forever all that tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the county

And state aforesaid of the waters of Mill Creek and bounded as follows to wit

Beginning at a sugar tree and buckeye corner to land laid off for James Lind

=say on Thomas Moores line and running from thence South forty two and one half

Degrees West one hundred and twelve poles to a honey locust and box elder thence

North forty five West twenty four poles to a stake near a black ash tree thence

South forty two an half degrees West seventy two pole to an ash and

Sugar tree thence North forty five degrees West twenty two poles to a honey

Locust and beech on the south bank of Mill Creek thence south fifty seven

Degrees West thirty seven poles crossing the creek to an elm and ironwood

sapling on the north bank of the creek thence North forty five degrees west

one hundred nineteen? poles to an elm and locust near a large pond thence

North forty two and an half degrees East ninety one poles crossing the creek

Twice to an elm and water beech? corner to Joseph Blair thence North

Forty five degrees East one hundred and ten poles to a stake on sd Blair’s

Line and corner to James Lindsay thence south fifty and an half degrees

East one hundred sixty? seven poles to the beginning containing by

Estimation two hundred two and an half acres be the same more or less to

Have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with all the appurtenances

Thereunto belonging or any way wise pertaining thereto and the rents (Issues?)

And profits thereof unto the said David Lindsay his heirs and assigns forever

Also all the estate right title interest (properly((ty))?) claim and demand whatsoever

Of him the said Thomas Moore and his heirs and assigns and all persons claiming

Under him or them unto the said David Lindsay and his heirs and assigns

Will warrant and defend and it is further agreed and perfectly understood

That in case the aforesd tract of land should hereafter be taken by any bettor? or

prior claim than that of the said Thomas Moore in that case the sd Thomas

Moore doth agree and bind himself to refund David Lindsay or his heirs

Or assigns the sum of fifty one pounds seven shillings and eight pence being

The amount of the above purchase as above stated with legal interest thereon?

From the nineteenth day of November one thousand (seven?) hundred and eighty

Seven also the sum of sixty eight dollars thirty (three?) and one third cents

Which is to bear interest from the present date that much being paid (to?) by


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The said Lindsay in addition to the fifty one pounds seven shillings

And eight pence as before stated, in witness whereof the said Thomas Moore

And Polly his wife hath hereunto at their hands and affirmed their seal

On the day and year first above written.


Signed sealed and delivered          )                       Thomas Moore LS

In the presence of us                   )                               her

                                             )                       Polly X Moore   LS


John Gale

Michael Hogg

William Kinkade



The commonwealth of Kentucky Harrison Cty (???)

Personally appeared Polly Moore before us two Justices of the Peace

In and for the County aforesd and being privately examined by us

Separately and apart from her husband acknowledged that she doeth make

Her acknowledgement of the foregoing deed willingly and freely and

Without being induced thereto by fear or threat of or ill usage by her

Said husband or fear of his displeasures given under our hands and seal

This 26th day of October 1811.


                                                                John Kelso LS

Isaac Holeman  LS


Harrison County Clerks office Nov 11 1811 ??

This deed of conveyance from Thomas Moore and Polly his wife to

James Lindsay was acknowledged before me by the said Thomas

= Moore and with the certificate thereon endorsed was ordered to be


                                                Attest W Moore CHC


Here is some history relating to the method Ben Harrison and Thomas Moore got the original land parcels:

Fayette County Circuit court Complete Record Book A pg 339

Deposition of Thomas Moore, taken on the west bank of Stoner's creek near James Patton's house in Clark county, on 20th November 1802 before D. Harrison and H. Chiles, J.P. deposes -  

Early in the spring of 1776 this deponent in company with Benjamin Harrison, John Morgan, Belles Collier and one [Robert] Keene came down the Ohio to mouth of Licking River and from thence up Licking to Hingston station and from thence we proceded up this stream now called Stoner's Fork, being pilated by John Morgan, who had been in this country the year before, till he informed us we were about [Christopher] Gist's military survey and sometime, as this deponent thinks, in the month of April we built a cabbin covered it over and made it fit for habitation. At this spot we cleared about a half an acre or 3/4 of an acre of land and planted corn. This improvement we made for John Morgan and after making several other improvements on the right hand fork, which puts in about 300 yards above this place, Harrison, and this deponent returned up the river, leaving Morgan and Collier at Morgan's cabbin, who were to remain there and to endeaver to prevent others from making improvements to interfere with ours, and we were to return the ensuing fall, and bring to Morgan and Collier such necessaries as they had sent for. The spring near this spot had the appearance of a lasting one -- was intended by Morgan as his useing spring. 



James Sellars

The Captivity and Escape of James Trabue

By Daniel Trabue

"Westward into Kentucky," From Daniel Trabues narrative found in the Draper Manuscript collection, 57J:51-63.

The land office was opened this spring at Wilson's Station for entering land warrents. James Trabue and I went their to make some entries, but their was so many people their we had to cast lots. And according to lot he (James Trabue) made some few entries, and it would be several days before he could make any more. And it would be several days before I could make my entries as my warrents was not on the first day.

So we went home and James Trabue told me he would make my entries for me when he made his, if I would stay at home and attend to howing our corn planted. I agreed to it and gave him my warrents and a memorandum where my land was to be laid. It was 2,000 acres and choice land. James Trabue said he would go to licking on his commessary business. He was very much [needed] their and could be back to Wilson's Station in time to lay our warrents.

James Trabue was captured at Ruddle's Station but later returned home to Virginia. Exactly what warrants James intended to record, we don't know. But apparently he did get Harrison's and Moore's claims filed!

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From another James Sellers source: 

Based on the entry books at the library in Frankfort Kentucky the following lands were entered at Wilson's Station on June 24, 1780 (same days as the Ruddle's St. attack) There were about 100 names to include the following.


Pat Callaghan (in Johnston and Garrett's name)

Dan Callighan (same)

John Woods (in Moses Moore's name)

John Haggin

William McCune

John Hinkson

John Sellers

William Huskins

Benjamin Harrison (he also made entries for Wm Harrison, Benj Johnston, and Thomas Moore based on a deposition he made)


I always thought this was kind of interesting because of the date. I know Wm. McCune stated he saw John Haggin at Lexington while on his way to Ruddle's St. Another fact is that John Haggin was at Harrodsburgh in Feb of 1780 and received the settlement certificates for Hinkson, Sellers, McCune, and Woods (they were still in PA). So I'm thinking that John Haggin entered the land at the land office for these men so they could go to Ruddles. I'm sure these arrangements were made at Lexington when these men saw Haggin there. Haggin wasn't at Ruddles when it was taken but the others, except Wood, were. Based on Harrisons deposition, he made the entries for his brother and others, so he wasn't at Ruddles either. He must have spent a short time there because he stated he was at the "cave spring" on the So. Fork Licking in May or June of 1780 with Hinkson and Sellers. Also McCune deposed that he and Hinkson were at Thomas Moore's and Benj Johnston,s improvement in the spring of 1780 while living at Ruddle's St.


Based on the various depositions I'm sure that with Hinkson in 1780 when the left PA were William McCune, David Wilson (Hinkson's ensign), Benjamin Harrison (resigned his Capt's commission to go to KY), and probably John Sellers (Hinkson's Lieutenant). Regarding Sellers, I base this on the fact that he was with Hinkson and Harrison at Ruddles and was taken prisoner. Anyway one thing I know for sure is that there was a great push towards Kentucky in 1780 because of the opening of the land office to receive the settler’s entries.


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