In past years, with the considerable help from Susan Grabek, I have begun seeking documentation of my family.  For those of you involved with the Clan-Lindsay DNA Surname Project, my test results definitely earmark me as a Group 1 Lindsay.  (This is the same group as the renowned Ken Lindsay, who can locate his ancestors in Lexington, KY area ((Ft. Lindsay or Lindsay’s Station)), and associated ((by location)) with the Lindsay boys from Franklin CO. PA who may have help found Lexington, KY along with Robert Patterson.)


The family tradition represents that my David (2) was the son of another David Lindsay (1) who became an early landowner in the Fort Pitt, PA area and perhaps was an immigrant from Ireland.  Reportedly, this David (1) had four sons, the other names of which were:


        William (2) , Edmond (2) , and Hezekiah (2)


Each of these men’s names is to be found in the Ft  Pitt area; an Hezekiah first appearing in 1770; David in 1772; William in 1773; and Edmond in 1774.  (Westmoreland, Washington, and Fayette Counties, Pennsylvania specifically.)  There is a John who first appears in 1760 as a resident of Ft. Pitt who I would truly like to identify as well!  David (2) disappears from the Ft. Pitt area records at the appropriate time to arrive in Cynthiana, KY area in 1788** where he signs a petition with others to open a tobacco warehouse at Isaac Ruddle’s Place.  It is here that David (2) (if he’s the same David) dies in 1814 leaving a will, which clearly defines the remaining generations leading down to and including myself.  (ggGrandfather John (3) and David’s (2) second wife was his administrators)


**A Harrison County deed indicates he purchased land north of Cynthiana in 1787 from Thomas Moore. Thus, he appears in Kentucky just as David of Fayette County, Pennsylvania disappears (1787 ... last record)!


My ggGrandfather (John (3), son of David (2)) reportedly was born in the Ft. Pitt area of Pennsylvania in 1773.  His sister was born there in 1772.  This is way out on the western frontier for these times.  Given 20 years to "grow up', and these two being his first children, it suggests that gggGrandfather David (2) was born ca 1750.  This fits wonderfully the Forrest Wood scenario but of course, this is also the Group 2 picture.  (Susan Grabek's William)  So you see, I need to find a new ancestor!


By 1819, Grandfather John (3) is found in Sangamon County, Illinois where he eventually acquires good landholdings.  Later he can be found on the same census page with Abraham Lincoln (and one of his (John’ (4)) sons tells of “sitting on Lincoln’s lap”).   Much about this family can be found at the:  Index of Biographies-- 1876 History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois. (   Apparently the urge comes to move once again to “frontier country”, and the sons John Peterson (4) and gGrandfather Abraham Lanterman (4) Lindsay et al eventually settle in the Russell County, KS area.  Here at the Bunker Hill, Kansas Cemetery can be found several of the siblings of these Lindsay boys, including my Grandfather William Henry (5).


A Morris and Isaac Lindsay are found in the Sangamon County area, each of which reportedly also comes from Franklin CO, Pa originally. I suspect a connection but no evidence so-far.


The presence of these Franklin CO, PA Lindsay’s in this narrative is obvious, as is the marriage of Elizabeth Lindsay to Robert Patterson!  Yet as close (physically) as they may be, gggGrandfather David (2) is never connected!  There are “John’s” everywhere, but I can never find many David’s’ to choose from!  His wife is never discovered!  The associated families of Makemson, Glass, Lanterman, and Applegate’s all leave tracks, but not David!


Edmond may have found his way to the Carolinas; Hezekiah is later found in Ohio; William is supposed to have died at the Battle of Guilford Court House, leaving a widow and difficult to define heirs.  (We wonder about that!)


Forrest Patrick Wood (1914-19??) prepared a manuscript, which forms the basis of my tradition.  Also, Tipton Lindsey knowledge/understanding was shared with and used by Margaret Isabella Lindsay in her “Lindsay’s of America” publication.  Prior to the DNA testing, I presumed to be a candidate for Group 2 membership.  Wrong…it was Group 1!  So you can see, my tradition is suspect beyond my gggGrandfather David (2).  I suspect David's (2) father's name to be John.  John of who/where needs to be answered!


 The idea that David (2) is “fresh off the boat” is another thought that might explain his lack of USA history!  My candidate for immigration date to the USA would be first of all, early to middle 1700’s.  From what I have pointed out, I'd go for an estimate of 250 years or a little longer, ca 1750.  This would have brought gggGrandfather David (2) to the USA with perhaps his father (1) as an infant or he was born soon after his father’s arrival.  (David (2) is documented as my gggGrandfather by 1788.)


By the way, I have a couple of “William Henry's” in my ancestry.  (No known reason)  But since it appears that my guy's could be pretty much Irish/Scottish traditionalist, do any of you have any Henry's to look at?


Historical accounts of the Lindsay's of Scotland are several and interesting! That they played an important role in the early history of Scotland is well known.


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