David Lindsay is listed in Tyrone Township along with several men later found with him in Bourbon/Harrison Counties, Kentucky.

Further, David must have been married with property, otherwise he would have been listed among the "Inmates" or "Single Freemen".



Some Pennsylvanians in 1772:

Settlers in Fayette, Greene,

Washington, and Westmoreland Counties


From James Veach's The Monongahela of Old or Historical Sketches of Southwestern Pennsylvania to the Year 1800 (Pittsburgh, 1910 edition)

In 1772, and until Westmoreland County was established in 1773, Bedford County encompassed all of southwestern Pennsylvania.

All of present Fayette County east of a straight line from the mouth of Redstone to the mouth of Jacob's Creek consisted of two townships, Springhill and Tyrone. Here, the division line was Redstone Creek, from its mouth to where it was crossed by Burd's Road, and from Burd's Road to Gist's, then Braddock's Road to the Great Crossing. That part of Fayette County, northwest of Redstone to the mouth of Jacob's Creek, was a part of Rostraver Township.

The counties of Greene and Washington, west of Fayette, were evidently included in Springhill.

SPRINGHILL TOWNSHIP John Allen, William Allen, John Armstrong, Edward Askins, John Artman, Ichabod Ashcraft, John Ally, John Allison, Samuel Adams, Robert Adams, George Boydston, Peter Backus, Brazil Brown, James Brown, Dunlap's Creek; Thomas Brown, Ten Mile Creek; Joseph Brown, Samuel Brown, Adam Brown, Maunus Brown, Thomas Brown, John Brown, Walter Brisco, Peter Baker, Nicholas Baker, James Burdin, John Burris, Robert Brownfield, Edward Brownfield, Empson Brownfield, Charles Brownfield, Jeremiah Beek, Charles Burkham, Henry Beeson, Jacob Beeson, Alexander Buchanan, James Black, John Barkley, Nicholas Bauk, Thomas Banfield, Thomas Batton, William Brashears, Joseph Barker, Lewis Brimet, James Branton, Henry Brenton, John Braddock, Michael Carn, George Craft, William Case, Adam Cumbert, John Craig, Joseph Caldwell, James Crooks, William Campbell, John Carr, John Carr, Jr.; Moses Carr, William Cochran, George Conn, Nicholas Crowshoe, Anthony Coshaw, William Crawford, Capt.; William Crawford, Quaker; William Crawford, Josias Crawford, Oliver Crawford, Richard Chinner, Peter Cleam, Jacob Cleam, John Casteel, George Church, Michael Cox, Joseph Cox, Michael Catt, Abraham Cills, Anthony Cills, William Conwell, Jehu Conwell, Michael Cresap, William Colvin, George Colvin, Peter Drago, John Drago, Samuel Douglass, Jeremiah Downs, Augustus Dillener, Edward Death, John Death, Owen David, Jesse Dument, William Downard, Jacob Downard, Henry Debolt, George Debolt, Henry Dever, Lewis Davison, Andrew Davison, William Davison, William Dawson, Jacob Dicks, Lewis Deem, Henry Enoch, John Evans, Richard Evans, Hugh Evans, Edward Elliott, Michael Franks, Jacob Franks, James Fleeharty, John Fisher, James Frame, Nathan Friggs, Henry Friggs, Hugh Ferry, James Flannegan, David Flowers, Thomas Flowers, Thomas Gaddis, Samuel Glasby, William Garrat, John Garrard, John Garrard, Jr., William Goodwin, Joseph Goodwin, Thomas Gooden, John Glasgo, Fred'k Garrison, Leonard Garrison, Jacob Grow, Zachariah Gobean, John Griffith, Hugh Gilmore, Robert Gilmore, Thomas Gregg, Charles Gause, Daniel Goble, Nicholas Gilbert, Andrew Gudgel, Henry Hart, David Hartfield, Jr., John Hendricks, Henry Hall, John Hall, Adam Henthorn, James Henthorn, Jas. Henthorn (the less.), John Henthorn, Charles Hickman, Aaron Hackney, Martin Hardin, Benjamin Hardin, William Hardin, John Hardin, Jr., John Harman, Geo. Huckleberry, John Huffman, John Harrison, David Hawkins, James Herod, William Herod, Levi Herod, Henson Hobbs, Samuel Howard, William House, Philemon Hughes, Thomas. Hughes (Muddy Creek), Thomas Hughes, Owen Hughes, John Huston, Hugh Jackson, David Jennings, Aaron Jenkins, Jonathan Jones, John Jones, Thomas Lane, Absalom Little, Samuel Lucas, Thomas Lucas, Richard Lucas, Hugh Laughlin, David Long, John Long, John Long, Jr., Jacob Link

Aaron Moore, Joh Moore, Jno. Moore (over the river), Simon Moore, Hans Moore, David Morgan, Charles Morgan, William Masters, John Masterson, Henry Myers, George Myers, Ulrick Myers, Martin Mason, John Mason, Alexander Miller, John Messmore, John Mene, Daniel Moredock, James Moredock, Adam Mannon, John Mannon, John Marr, William M'Dowell, John M'Farland, Francis M'Ginness, Nathaniel M'Carty, Samuel M'Cray, James M'Coy, Hugh M'Cleary, Tunis Newkirk, Barnet Newkirk, Peter Newkirk, James Neal, George Newell, James Notts, James Notts, Jr., Charles Nelson, Adam Newton, Bernard O'Neal, Jacob Poundstone, Frederick Parker, Phillip Pearce, Theophilus Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Adam Penter, Ricahrd Parr, Henry Peters, John Peters, Christian Pitser, Ahimon Pollock, John Pollock, Samuel Paine, John Wm. Provance, Ieronemus Rimley, Casper Rather, Telah Rood, Jesse Rood, Daniel Robbins, John Robbins, Roger Roberts, Jacob Riffle, Ralph Riffle, William Rail, David Rogers, Thomas Roch, Edwdard Roland, William Rees, Jonathan Rees, Jacob Rich, Thomas Scott, Edward Scott, Andrew Scott, James Scott, John Smith (Dunlap's Creek), John Smith, Robert Smith, James Smith, Phillip Smith, William Smith, Conrad Seix, Isaac Sutton, Isaac Sutton, Jr., Jacob Sutton, Lewis Saltser, Samuel Stilwell, William Spangler, John Swearingen, William Shepperd, John Swan, John Swan, Jr., Thomas Swan, Robert Sayre, Stephen Styles, Samuel Sampson, Joseph Starkey, David Shelby, Elias Stone, Obadiah Truax, John Thompson, Michael Tuck, Abraham Teagarden, George Teagarden, Edward Taylor, Michael Thomas, Henry Vanmeter, Jacob Vanmeter, John Vantress, John Varvill, David White, James White, George Williams, David Walters, Ephriam Walters, David Wright, George Wilson, Esq., James Wilson, John Waits, John Watson, George Watson, Joseph Yauger, Telah Yourk

Inmates. (Boarders not heads of families.) Richard Ashcraft, Ephriam Ashcraft, Samuel Adams, John Bachus, William Burt, John Beeson, Samuel Bridgewater, Coleman Brown, William Brown, Benjamin Brashears, Richard Brownfield, Benjamin Brooks, Alexander Bryan, William Bells, Gabriel Cox, Israel Cox, Samuel Colson, Joseph Coon, Robert Cavines, John Cross, Edward Carn, Christian Coffman, John Curley, Nathaniel Case, John Crossley, Christopher Capley, George Catt, John Chadwick, Jonathan Chambers, John Cline, Benajah Dunn, Zephaniah Dunn, Timothy Downing, Jeremiah Davis, James Davis, Thomas Edwards, Bernard Eckley, James Fugate, John Guthrey, William Groom, Captain John Hardin, William Henthron, William Hogland, Edward Hatfield, John Hawkins, Samuel Herod, John Hargress, Thomas Hargress, Joseph Jackson, Jacob Jacobs, John Kinneson, Thomas Kendle, William Lee, Andrew Link, Elijah Mickle, William Murphy, John Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Samuel Merrifield, John Main, Jr., William Martin, John Morris, Jacob Morris, George M'Coy, John M'Fall, Alexander M'Donald, William M'Claman, John Pettyjohn, Baltzer Peters, Richard Powell, Thomas Pyburn, John Phillips, Thoams Provance, Thomas Rail, Noah Rood, William Spencer, Alexander Smith, Francis Stannater, John Taylor, William Thompson, Jonah Webb, John Williamson, Alexander White, Benjamin Wells, Michael Whitelock, Jeremiah Yourk, Ezekiel Yourk

Single Freeman John Brown, Joseph Batton, Isher Budd, David Blackston, Hugh Crawford, John Crawford, Francis Chain, Wiliam Cheny, Daniel Christy, James Chamberlain, James Carmichael, James Campbell, John Catch, John Dicker, John Douglass, Edward Dublin, Elias Eaton, Alexander Ellener, Samuel Eckerly, Thomas Foster, Jacob Funk, Martin Funk, Joseph Gwin, Bartlett Griffith, John Holton, Abraham Holt, John Holt, Joshua Hudson, John Hupp, Cornelius Johnson, Josiah Little

TYRONE William Marshall, James Morgan, Hugh Murphey, George Morris, Joseph Morris, David M'Donald, Abraham M'Farland, John M'Gilty, John Notts, Phillip Nicholas, James Peters, Isaac Pritchard, Jonathan Paddox, Ebenezer Paddox, Noble Rall, Nathan Rhinehart, Samuel Robb, James Robertson, Phillip Rogers, John Shively, Christopher Swoop, Ralph Smith, John Sultzer, William Teagarden, John Taylor, John Verville, Jr., John Williams

TYRONE TOWNSHIP Jonathan Arnold, Andrew Arnold, David Allen, Andrew Byers, Christopher Beeler, Henry Beeson, John Boggs, Thomas Brownfield, Bernard
Cunningham, Daniel Canon, Edward Conn, George Clark, George Clark, Jr., John Cherry, James Cravin, John Clem, John Cornwall, John Castleman, Wiliam Crawford, Esq., Valentine Crawford, William Collins, George Dawson, Edward Doyle, Joshua Dickenson, Thomas Davis, Robert Erwin, Thomas Freeman, James Gamble, Reason Gale, Tomas Gist, Esq., Charles Harrison, William Harrison, Ezekiel Hickman, Henry Hartley, James Harper, Joseph Huston, William Hanshaw, John Keith, Andrew Linn, David Lindsay, John Laughlin, Samuel Lyon, Alexander Moreland, Augustine Moore, Edmund Martin, Michael Martin, Hugh Masterson, Isaac Meason, Philip Meason, Providence Mounts, William Massey, William Miller, Robert McGlaughlin, William McKee, Robert O'Guillon, Adam Payne, Elisha Pearce, Isaac Pearce, George Paull, Andrew Robertson, Edmund Rice, Robert Ross, Samuel Rankin, William Rankin, Dennis Springer, Josiah Springer, George Smith, Moses Smith, Isaac Sparks, William Sparks, John Stephenson, John Stewart, Philip Shute, Philip Tanner, James Torrance, Thomas Tilton, John Vance, Conrad Walker, Henry White, William White, Joseph Wells, John Waller, Richard Waller, Lund Washington (brother of George), George Young

Inmates Reding Blunt,
Zechariah Connell, Peter Castner, Smith Corbit, Francis Lovejoy, Agney Maloney, Joseph Reily, Edward Stewart

Single Freeman Robert Beall, James Berwick, George Brown, William Castleman, John Felty, Elijah Lucas, Francis Main, James Mock,
Thomas Moore, Patrick Masterson, Alexander McClean, Daniel Stephens, William Shepherd

Uncultivated Lands George Washington, 1500 acres; John A. Washington, 600 acres; Samuel Washington, 600 acres; Lund Washington, 300 acres; Thomas Gist, Esq., 600 acres; Nicholas Dawson, 300 acres; Sniveley's Administrators, Halvert Adams, Joseph Hunter,

Rostraver Township
Benjamin Applegate, Daniel Applegate, William Applegate, Thomas Applegate, Alexander Bowling, Andrew Baker, Samuel Burns, James Burns, Isham Barnett, Morris Brady, Samuel Biggon, Samuel Beckett, Edward Cook, Andrew Dye, James Devoir, John Dogtauch, William Dunn, Peter Elrod, Peter Easman, Paul Froman, Rev. Jas. Finley, Samuel Glass, Samuel Grissey, John Greer, James Gragh, Christopher Houseman, Thomas Houseman, Thomas Hind, Peter Hildebrand, Joseph Hill, Llewellen Howell, Deverich Johnson, James Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Joseph Jones, John Kiles, John Kilton, Andrew Linn, William Linn, Nathan Linn, Frederick Lamb, John Miller, Oliver Miller, Abraham Miller, Alexander Miller, Alexander Morehand, Alexander Mitchell, John Mitchell, Jesse Martin, Morgan Morgan, Robert Mays, Daniel McGogan, James McKinley, Robert McConnell, Ralph Nisley, Dorsey Pentecost, Benjamin Pelton, David Price, John Perry, Samuel Perry, Joseph Pearce, John Pearce, James Peers, Andrew Pearce, Edward Smith, Samuel Sinclair, Henry Speer, John Shannon, Michael Springer, Richard Sparks, William Sultzman, Van Swearingen, Wiliam Turner, Philip Tanner, Joseph Vanmeter, Jacob Vanmeter, John Vanmeter, Peter Vandola

ROSTRAVER Adam Wickenhimen, David Williams, George Weddel, John Weddel, James Wall, Samuel Wilson, James Wilson, Isaac Wilson, John Wiseman, Thomas Wells, James Young

Inmates Benjamin Allen, Nathaniel Brown, Benajah Burkham, John Bleasor, Samuel Clem, Thomas Cummins, Benajah Dumont, Samuel Davis, Thomas Dobin, Hugh Dunn, Peter Hanks, Joseph Hill, Joseph Lemon, William Moore, John McClellan, Felty McCormick, Martin Owens, Abraham Ritchey, Peter Skinner

Single Freeman William Bolling, Jesse Dumont, John Finn, Isaac Greer, Moses Holliday, Peter Johnson, Ignatius Jones, Thomas Miller, Jacob McMeen, Baltser Shilling, Levi Stephens, Cornelius Thompson, Robert Turner


Reprinted from American Genealogy Magazine, Vol. 5, Nos. 1 & 2



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