Bill Makemson made me aware of David Wilcox and I contacted him about the middle of November, 2010. As it turned out, David had in his possession a key item of information which otherwise might never have been discovered. It was the original pages taken from a Lindsey Family Bible whereby his ancestor James Lindsay (or perhaps wife), son of David and Rebekah Lindsay, had recorded birth, marriage, and death records of family descendants. In it is the recording of the death at age 74 of David and the name and death age at 51 of Rebekah, his previously unknown wife which is most valuable to me, as I have looked long and hard for such information as this.

David Wilcox has graciously released a facsimile of the records for the publics benefit, It certainly looks authentic and its provenance is well documented. His rendition of the data and his families facts are recorded in his presentation on the next page and you can see the original by clicking on the hyperlink attending each page reference.

A note of interest is the usage of the name Lindsey instead of the spelling Lindsay! This tradition is preserved by the Makemson family as well. While it is well documented that David signed his name Lindsay, we can only speculate as to the implications for the usage. Even Forrest Wood, a good Lindsay genealogists use the Lindsey spelling even though his Lindsay ancestors did otherwise!

David Lindsey Wilcox submitted this bio:

David Lindsey Wilcox is a professional historian who has had an obsession (since 1963) with genealogy.  He was a career librarian for almost 30 years before starting his own genealogical business.  A former APG member, he has retired but still works with history and plays with genealogy.  Some of his work can be found at the West Jersey History site for Atco Lake, the Atlantic Cape College/library site for Amatol, and The Highlander Magazine, Nov/Dec 2002.