My name is Ted Lindsay and I am not a cousin or any relation to Bob Lindsay. I don't think you'll hear Bob complain about that.


With genealogy, knowing who is not your cousin can be hard to figure out. Thanks to help from Bob, my line of Lindsays has been examined to a point of 100% certitude, at least as far back as "my" John Lindsay who was born in Northern Ireland c. 1776 and came to America to escape persecution for his role in the 1798 Irish Rebellion.

John Lindsay and his wife Elizabeth Lear Lindsay lived in Chambersburg, PA (home of the Franklin County Lindsays) until John's passing in 1827. A few years later, Elizabeth and (some/all?) of her grown children moved to Springfield Illinois where she spent her remaining years living among them, one of which was my gggGrandfather Morris. Morris was a resident of Springfield part of the years Bob’s ggGrandfather John Lindsay (and children) were present. Bob and I have strived diligently to discern the relationship of our Illinois ancestors to no avail!

Morris and his wife Sarah Miller Lindsay’s son was named Solomon Lucien Lindsay. Solomon married Dora Moore in Arkansas and among their many children was my grandfather, Emmett Littleton Lindsay. Solomon left the family with an unpublished manuscript entitled “Old Lindsay”. Here he provided insight into the roots of my family and their meanderings, interlace with Arkansas humor and embellishments! A character he was . . . and my ggGrandfather for sure!

Grandpa Emmett married Juanita Katherine Jones in Vicksburg, Mississippi and they had a large family. My Dad, Ted D. Lindsay Sr., was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and was one of eleven kids.

Dad married Cleona Aldridge from Eugene Oregon. They had my older brother Wayne and then me...Oct. 31, 1950.

Like Frank Sinatra, somehow I've managed to live life my way. Well, more or less!

I've had two wives...not at the same time, and no children. I've been a musician since I was15 years old and had some success as a Nashville songwriter back in the early 80's. Today I play music here in Shreveport, La. and work at an after school program with some kids that live in a very rough neighborhood.

Working on genealogy with Bob has been a lot of fun. It can be torture as any genealogist will tell you but it has also been educational and enlightening. Who knew that American history could be so interesting?

Thank You Bob for all the help!
Not Your Cousin, Ted