Bill Makemson found me through mysteries of the Internet. If I remember it correctly, he found me via this website and made contact. What a wonderful discovery for me! Not only did I find a new cousin, I found a man of goodwill and of faith.

David and Rebekah Lindsay had six daughters:

Three of the girls married Makemson brothers who lived just west across Mill Creek from the Lindsay farm in Harrison County, Kentucky. 'Eliza' Jane was the oldest of the girls (oldest child) and she married Thomas Makemson in 1793, a good Irish lad who came with his parents to the colonies in the early 1750's. Like most immigrants the Makemsons wandered through Maryland; probably SW Pennsylvania; and finally to the 'Blue Grass' hills of Kentucky. There the 'old folks' made their last home, even as most of the children eventually went on to other places, always seeking bigger and better lands. Some found their new homes in Kansas, my birth state.

Bill Makemson was born and reared in a southeast Kansas farm community of Pleasanton. Like me, he was an 'only child'. The summer after his eleventh grade Bill and family moved to Paramount, California and graduated high school there. He said he lettered in football, track, and band throughout his high school years.

In 1959 Bill Graduated from Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri. This is the same year Bill married Jan Morris, whom he calls "the love of my life". Obviously, ministering to people and preaching the gospel of Christ was foremost on Bill and Jan's mind because from 1961 to 1969 he ministered in what he defined as "independent Baptist churches".

1969 found Bill at Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, Tennessee where in 1971 he received a degree in secondary education . Following this degree, Bill spent the next 38 years as teacher and principal in Birmingham, Alabama. He says: "This was interspersed with earning another BS and the Masters of Education, both from the University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL". 

Testimony to Bill and Jan's values I quote Bill: "I have always had the opportunity to minister the Scriptures though I do not consider myself a Baptist any longer.  In fact one of the reasons for the move to education in 1969 was to "leave the denominational ties". (I understand, Bill!)

Jan and Bill retired to Florida in 2004 but as he says, "found ourselves right back in the classroom until this year." (2011)

I know from our correspondence this couple has busied themselves with genealogy labors seeking Makemson cousins throughout the land. I'm pleased he found a Lindsay cousin too!

Bill sent David Lindsey Wilcox to my doorstep, for which I am grateful! More on that under Wilcox.