Here is how Lavinia Rose Lindsay Breslin found me: Somehow, ‘pecking around’ on the computer she come upon Ron Lindsays name who just happens to be the author/coordinator of Lindsay International, a Lindsay DNA research site. So she looks up the name Ron Lindsay and finds one in San Jose, California! 


Then Rose calls him, visits, and behold, Ron (in a joint email) tells her that he thinks I am related to her Lindsays! Well now . . .  That’s a story! 


And since July 16, 2011 Sweet Rose has regaled me with more family history than I can handle! (Remember your favorite aunt who could name every relative of a relative that ever lived?) That’s Sweet Rose! 


So after a little effort, I think we have Rose put in the right Lindsay slot. She is my third cousin one time removed. And she is related to Virgil Dale Terry, another cousin found on this web site. 


As you shall see, Rose is a rose! I have talked to her on the phone and she writes just like she talks; and talks; and talks! (Not in paragraphs either . . .it is in chapters!) You will see she has a ‘care giving’ Spirit; bearing her burdens (and others) with joy in her heart.  


Her testimony has been heard over and over again . . . . SPECIAL CHILDREN are indeed a blessing. 


Perhaps we’ll never meet, but I won’t forget!  




Rose, in her words:  


I've been married almost 43 years. (July 27th) I have 3 kids by blood. I have a few more that call me Mom! Theresa Breslin Little is 40 and she lives in Colorado Junction Springs; (Probably Colorado Springs or Grand Junction!) Michael lives in Chesterfield Mi, and Sara Anne who is 25 and lives with us. (She has Downs) 


I was born in Detroit, Michigan.  When my mom thought she was pregnant with me she went to the doctors and they told her she wasn't pregnant the she was too old and it was a tumor. She then went to another doctor and he told her she was indeed pregnant. So on November 25th, Thanksgiving Day, she gave birth to a 7-pound turkey (me)! 


Rose married Michael John Breslin when they were both nineteen. She says: I'm almost 4 months older than him so he says I robbed the cradle. I tell him to respect his elders! 


I few years ago we retired and moved to a small town in Mid-Michigan. City life was getting to be too much for us. At the ripe age of sixty-one I decided to learn how to use a computer. Whoever said you can't teach ‘an old dog new tricks’! 


About the Family; Dad, Mom, and I: 


My mom and dad (Frank & Willa) retired in 1968 and moved back to their roots in Jamesport Mo. I didn't like Jamesport. (It was) Snakes, bugs, and nothing much to do. 


My Dad Frank was a very quite man. He didn't say much. I don't think he had much of a chance. My Mother was a talker! Shoot, she even talked to herself! My Dad would ask her who she was talking to.  


It has only been the last few years that I talk much. (Believe it or not.) I guess once you turn 60 you don't care and you just tell it like it is! lol I know a lot of people thought I was stuck up. No, just shy! I'm still pretty shy in person. Not so on the phone or computer. Now that I found something I'm interested in I just go on and on! (Note: Rose is beginning to use her computer knowledge . . . now she can write ‘LOL’!) 


About the Family & her Beloved Sara: 


When I named her I didn't know that my grandmothers name was Sarah Ann. 


My husband and I were married in 1968. We had our first child Theresa in 1970. In 1973 we had our second child Michael. Then in 1986 we were blessed with a SPECIAL child. Her name is Sara and she has Down syndrome. There is a problem with this. She isn't aware of it and we never told her. She is a karaoke STAR. She has people who cheer her on and she puts on a show for them. There isn't anything she can't do. She has a boyfriend who’s name is Sam. He has Downs also. We call him Sam the Man. The two of them just keep you laughing all the time. Sam has come to visit us this summer.  


Last year when he was here they were in her room and real quite. I went to peek in to see what they were doing. (because that part of the brain works just fine!). They were both on the floor and Sara had green slime all over her legs. I asked them what was that stuff on her legs and Sam turned around and showed me the shaving cream and his shaver. He was shaving her legs! That is how he got his name. Sam the Man!  


Boy does Sara know how to work it or what. Every Monday during the summer I have three SPECIAL kids that go to bingo with me. Then on Thursday it's off to karaoke. When Sara was in school my husband would take the karaoke machine to school once a year for a party for them. One year this little girl jumped up and grabbed the microphone away from the other little girl and started singing an Aretha Franklin song. The teachers started crying and called the mother of the child. This was the first time that they had ever heard her even talk. I just love these kids. They are truly angels that God put on earth for us! I'm such a lucky woman to know these kids.




Well tonight is bingo night with the kids. I have to get them going on their showers and stuff. Sara can do it herself. Sam has problems with any number pass 15 so I have to help him with it. They really enjoy going and we have another SPECIAL girl that goes with us. Her name is Jen and she is 40. She is like a big sister to Sara. Then on Thursdays we all go to karaoke. Mike puts it on for the Eagles Club in Gladwin (about 12 miles from here). 


I don't really have many hobbies except learning how to use this computer and laughing. My husband used to claim he was a professional layer, fuzzy side up! (He was a carpet layer.) 


I graduated high school in 1966. Then I went to work for Sears. We were married in July of 1968. In November of that year my husband’s mother died. His dad needed us to move in and help him with his 2 kids. I quit my job to help out. So I was almost 20 and the mother of a 12 year old and a 7 year old. So I guess you can say I've been a mother most of my life! 




Neither of my brothers was married or had any kids. I guess when I came along they saw what a terror I was and decided against kids! 


This Old House: 


My mom and dad bought the Chaney (mom’s parents) house after grandma Chaney died in 1959. They did some work on it and moved there in 1968. That house always gave me the willies! You might think I am crazy, but I saw old people walking all night long from one closet into the other bedroom across the hall and into that closet. It was like a parade. At my dad's funeral my Uncle Herman Chaney said to me " You never liked this house" He was the only one who ever picked up on it!  


Margaret Anne Terry, First Cousin: 


Margaret Anne, now ancient in years, is apparently the family genealogist. (There is always at least one in the family that takes responsibility for such things!) Virgil Dale Terry has sent me some of her efforts and they shall be posted soon.


It begins:  

“We are the descendants of David Lindsay and his first wife whose name I do not know.”  


How right she is! Now, we also know that the “first wife” was named Rebekah.


We agree, all surnamed Lindsays want to be from Scotland when in reality, we are most probably Scotch-Irish. Research suggests we are most certainly Scotch-Irish. What is most interesting is in a marginal note on the first page some unknown reader has added:  


David Lindsay's father also named David was born in Scotland and came to this country from Ireland”!  


How did he/she know?