As one "wag" many years ago said: "

"In the beginning, I was born very young"! And so it was with me!

Born in Coffeeville; lived in Eureka, and mostly raised in Wichita, Kansas, My father was born at Bunker Hill, Kansas. He taught school, worked in the aircraft factory during the war, and later had a "SKELLY OIL"  service station for many years thereafter. I always said: "I was a second generation oil man"; Father and son working together pumping gas, fixing flats, etc., an I, later exploring for one of the products that makes this country prosperous.

Grandma and Grandpa Shaffer had a small farm southeast of Wichita and I spent many blissful days there riding horses, fighting the Indians, and otherwise defending our country against potential invaders of our homeland. (And of course, always winning!)

Did you ever lasso a six month old pig with a thin hemp rope? Believe me, it/he/she gives you quite a ride!

Graduating from Planeview High School in 1952, I went on to receive a Bachelors Degree in geology from the University of Wichita, now Wichita State University. This done with a wife, two children, and thirty-six hours/week of  part time work.

Then I went to work!

Transferred around the United States (Colorado, Utah, Louisiana, back to Kansas, Texas, and back to Colorado),  working for those 'wicked' oil companies making obscene profits, I finally settled once again in Denver, Colorado for the second time, determined never to move again. In 1966 I became an independent professional consulting geologist until retirement the early part of this century.

Now my days are spent with my beloved wife of almost sixty years; devoted sons, daughter, and grandchildren. I go to church and believe there is redemption of the soul for those who believe.

And now I have begun to measure the passage of time in another way, listening once in a while for that old owl "to call my name"!


One cold winter day I visited the Bunker Hill Cemetery where many of my Lindsay family are buried, wondering who that Civil War veteran James N. Lindsay was. Wondering too why a historical name like Bunker Hill would become a place-name in the middle of western Kansas. Thus I began this 'obscene' voyage into the mysterious realm of genealogy!

As near as I can tell, Bunker Hill has no local historical reason for the name except perhaps in memory of  those days when our republic was spawned. But Pvt. "Uncle Newt" (Nickname for James Newton.) was indeed one of mine, a son of my great-grandfathers brother. Now I know a lot more about my Lindsays; found unknown cousins; and other wise made priceless acquaintances with wonderful men and women, most of  whom I've never met.

Marcus Annaeus Lucanus (November 3, 39 AD April 30, 65 AD), better known in English as Lucan, was a Roman poet and penned these words: "The Gods conceal from man the happiness of death that they may endure life".

Ain't it the truth!

Give your loved ones a hug tonight!

April, 2011