my ggg(g)Grandfather David Lindsay

David Lindsay's record of his presence in Sussex County, New Jersey, spans some twenty six months. First appearing in the court records of the May Term 1769, his last documentation finds him submitting expenses to the Sussex County Court in Newton, NJ for the settlement of the estate of William Reinold's in August 1771.

Then he is gone!

I suspect that this David Lindsay is the man who wrote the "Letter from Ireland" in 1758 to his Fleming cousins in America. That he found at least one of his cousins Andrew is evident from the signature's of Andrew Fleming and David Lindsay on the same petition of Thomas Boore to keep a public house somewhere in Sussex County.

The signatures of David in New Jersey do not clearly match those of David in Kentucky, 1788 through 1807. My theory is that the David of NJ records is the father of my gggGrandfather David Lindsay.

A time line construction offers these observations concluding that the NJ man of record is the father of my gggGrandfather.

    a)  A Fleming researcher suggest the 'cousin' relationship of the Irish letter writer is by virtue of that David Lindsay being married to Mary? Fleming, daughter of David, uncle of the NJ Fleming brothers, and brother of their father Malcolm.

    b)  Culture dictates that if a man is married by 1758, he should have mature or semi-mature children by 1769, and I can conclude that these same children should have accompanied this man to America.

    c) gggGrandfather David's first child is born in 1772, presumably in or near Ft. Pitt, Pennsylvania. A little late for a man of Ireland to have children!

    d)  To my knowledge, there is no record of a David Lindsay death in Westmoreland-Fayette Counties of SW Pennsylvania during the period under discussion. The facts could be radically different from the conclusions.

That David Lindsay of Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey migrated to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania is speculation. But we do know this: this David disappears from NJ records in August 1771 and the David Lindsay of Pennsylvania appears on Christmas day 1772!

Also, this is proven:

The Lanterman's of Rostraver TWP, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania are of the same family whose early immigrants are buried in Union Brick Cemetery, not fourteen miles from Newton, county seat of Sussex County, New Jersey. It is from NJ that the Lanterman's came to the "Jersey Settlement" of PA. From there the Lanterman's are found in Fleming County, Kentucky and here in 1811 my ggGrandfather John Lindsay married Sophia Lanterman.

The Lindsay's and the Lanterman's followed each other all the way to Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois.

Somewhere under the sod of Springfield, Illinois is the yet to be discovered the rest of the story! I have yet to find their resting place.