Extracted from the 2_Davids_Spreadsheet, this tabulation represents all the known Westmoreland / Fayette County, Pennsylvania references attributed to David Lindsay / Lindsey from 1772 until 1787 when he  disappears from the county records.

1772 finds David Lindsay as a residence of Tyrone TWP (see Some Pennsylvanians in 1772); apparently married and if the records are correct a father to (Eliza?) Jane Lindsay, born that same year.

Thru the years, David is listed as taxpayer, court litigant, juror, militia Lieutenant, witness, and signer of the McClure Petition (Christmas day, 1772) for the engagement of a preacher.

In 1787 a blacksmith David Lindsay sold "Mud Island" to Zachariah Connell for 156. This tract, in Connellsville TWP (formerly Bullskin TWP) now is the center of Connellsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Coincidently, my gggGrandfather purchases land in what is now Harrison County, Kentucky November 19th, 1787 from his good friend (and former Tyrone TWP, PA resident & neighbor) Thomas Moore.

In 1799 David Lindsay signature is found on Harrison County marriage bond for William Newell to Isabel Lindsay, David Lindsay's daughter. William Newell is the son of Hugh and Elizabeth (McNay?). Hugh, Margaret, & Robert Newell are found in 1786 to be living in Rostraver TWP, Westmoreland County, PA along with Peter Lanterman (daughter-in-law Sophia Lanterman) and the Applegate's. David Lindsay marries 2nd Nancy McNay in 1796 and ggGrandfather John Lindsay marries Sophia Lanterman in 1811.

Finally John Carol Powers in his Publication "Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois" lists my ggGrandfather John Lindsay as born "at Fort Pitt, now Pittsburgh, in 1773". See: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?type=simple&rgn=full+text&cc=moa&xc=1&idno=AJA3007.0001.001&g=moagrp&q1=lindsay&submit=Go

Published in 1876 this publication is independent corroboration that David Lindsay was in Pennsylvania prior to moving to Kentucky.

The Record:

1772 Lindsay David PA Bedford Tyrone Loc   David Lindsay lived in Tyrone TWP in 1772.  It was in Bedford CO then, as Westmoreland CO was formed in 1773
Lindsay David PA Bedford Tyrone Loc Tax Payer David Lindsay in Tyrone TWP; Others= William Massey, Elisha & Issac Pearce 


1772.9 Lindsay Lindsey David PA Bedford Stewart's Crossing Petition McClure Document David Lindsay/Lindsey signs Dec. 25, 1772 Petition to employ peacher David McClure along with two other Bedford County communities. David's Signature is different from that of the one found on the 1788 Ruddle's Mill petition.


1773.1 Lindsey David PA Westmoreland  Bedford Tyrone Taxes Tax Payer David was on the 1773 tax list for Tyrone Township, Westmoreland Co  Amt of tax = 1.6;  Edmund Rice = 5.6; James Tarrance = 2.0; Isaac Mason = 3.3 Note: The "stewarts Crossing" area of the County was Bullskin and Franklin TWP.


1774 Lindsay David PA Westmoreland   Loc Assignment April Qtr  GILFILLAN, ALEXANDER Assee of David Lindsay, Assee of Edmund Lindsay, vs Michael Taggert;  Civil Court Document, Westmoreland County April Term 1774  Capias Case  May 1981 Page 17


1776.1 Lindsay David PA Westmoreland Tyrone ? Loc Witness Will Will of Ezekiel Hickman. Executors: Providence Mounts, Francis Hickman. Other witness: Joseph Huston


1778.1 Lindsay David PA Westmoreland   Military   3/25/1778  Commissioned first lieutenant, Westmoreland CO, PA.  Cap't Darrah's Company, 3rd battalion, PA
1778.1 Lindsay David PA Westmoreland   Military   4/21/1778  First Lieutenant, Col. James Smith's 3rd Battalion, Westmoreland CO Militia.
1778.1 Lindsey David PA Westmoreland Tyrone ? Military   1st lieutenant, 3rd BN 4th CO; Col. James Smith, Capt. James Darrans (Tarrance)
1778.1 Lindsey David PA Westmoreland   Military   Lieutenant in David Lindsey's Company of rangers on the frontier  1778-1783?
1778.1 Lindsay David PA     Military Militia Lieutenant, Company of Rangers on the Frontiers; from lists of soldiers who received pay for their services.


1779 Lindsay David VA Yohogania   Loc                             Heath House? Court Suite 25 March, 1779;  Valandigham vs Lindsay vs David Lindsay, continued


1780.1 Lindsey David VA Yohogania   Loc  Court Perjury Charge  1/18/1780  Court hearing  Re: David Lindsey and Thomas Pearcesal.  Perjury charge. Yohogania CO. VA With Thomas Pearcesal.  Henry and Tobias Mattocks posted bond.


1780.1 Lindsey David VA Yohogania Cecil Loc Deed/Grantor 3/04/1780  Deed, David Lindsey to John Reed; filed 12/6/1783; 400 acres on the waters of Miller's Run, Yohogania CO, VA for 12,000L, PA currency The tract, now in Cecil TWP, Washington CO, PA referred as "Justice": warranted 3/31/1786: patented to Reed 1/25/1796 Land is east of Venice and bounded on South by Miller's Run.  George Washington contested what is believed to adjacent lands, but not the "Justice" property!


1780.1 Lindsey David VA Yohogania   Perjury  Security Court Proceedings Jan. 18, 1780 Pg. 328 Summary; David Lindsey and Thomas Pearcesal (Pearcifull?) in court for perjury, plead not guilty, refuse to be examined. David offers to appear at next general court. Henry Kersey and Tobias Mattocks post bonds as security for David ($500 each). Henry Kearsy posts $1,000 bond for Thomas.  John Springer to testify against David Lindsey and Thomas Pearcesal, with Isaac Springer as John's surety.  John Springer is surety for Enoch Springer, who also will testify against David and Thomas. John Springer is surety for Joseph Ross, who will also testify against David and Thomas


1781.1 Lindsey David PA Westmoreland   Loc  Court Defendant Sued by John Miller.  Alias Capias Case  April Trem 1782, refered for decision.


1783.1 Lindsey David PA Bedford; then Westmoreland in 1784 Tyrone; soon to be Bullskin TWP in 1784. Loc Taxpayer 100 acres, 3 horses, 4 cattle, 9 sheep, 9 white inhabitants; Edmund Lindsey also  200,2,2,8,9  Soon to be Fayette CO in 1784.Note: The "Mudd Island" tract that David Lindsay, blacksmith, sold to Zacharia Connell was 147 acres, as surveyed in 1794."Mudd Island) was found on the Bullskin-Franklin twp boundry along Youghiogeny River. The Fayette County Tyrone and Bullskin TWP's were not added until 1784.


1783.1 Lindsay David PA Westmoreland   Loc Jury Duty (p72) Jury Duty: David Lindsay, Edmund Lindsay, et al "Lee of William Robinson vs Zachariah Connell with William McCormick Ejectment" MINUTE BOOK "A"  Westmoreland CO, 1783 Aug 1982 Page 28
1783.1 Lindsey David PA Westmoreland Tyrone ? Loc  Jury Duty Pln: William Robinson. Def: Zach. Connell, Wm McCormick.  Edmund Lindsey also on jury. Ejectment suit


1785 Lindsey David PA Fayette   Court Session Jury duty David Lindsey juror on indictment case for assualt and battery.


1785.1 Lindsey David PA Fayette Tyrone &  Bullskin Loc Appointment Capt. James Torrance was Overseer of Poor. pg. 699
1785.1 Lindsey David PA   Tyrone Loc  Appointment David Lindsey was appointed Supervisor of Roads for Tyrone TWP in 1785
1785.1 Lindsey David PA Fayette Bullskin Loc  Taxpayer  Tax amount 12.2   James Terrence in Tyrone, 12.4
1785.1 Lindsay David PA Fayette Bullskin Loc  Taxpayer David taxed 12L 2 1/4 S.  Tax amount 4.10 Provided Mounts 8,4


1786.1 Lindsay David PA Fayette Bullskin Loc Taxpayer Tax amount 4.10 Provided Mounts 8,4
1787.2 Lindsey David PA Fayette   Court Jury Duty David Lindsey is juror on three March 1787 term court sessions.
1787.3 Lindsay David PA Fayette Bullskin then Collinsville TWP much later. Settlement Land ownership "A portion of the Connell land bordering on the river (Youghiogeny) was claimed by David Lindsay, a blacksmith who settled in this vicinity at an early day, but the claim was amicably adjusted in 1787, when Mr. Connell, by the payment of 150 lbs secured undisputed possession." Page 44


1787.9 Lindsay David KY Harrison   Deed   Thomas Moore & wife Polly issues deed to David Lindsay for the sum of 51lbs seven shillings eight pence for 202 1/2 acres on Mill Creek. Moore warrants title and agrees that if title should fail, Moore to refund Lindsay a/a plus "legal interest from November 19, 1787 plus additional legal interest from the 1811 date.