Years of Wandering


David Lindsay was early to the new settlements of southwest Pennsylvania, arriving there in 1772. Most first white families had only arrived some four or five years earlier.

It was fraught with hardship and danger. The hardships come from the primitive living conditions. Fresh produce was non-existent until planted and harvested; a lean to for an early shelter; hardwood forests to be cut for cabins and planting ground; deer skin and Linsey wool for clothing . . . you know the story.

Then there was the Indians. At first, mostly friendly. Then as they saw the real meaning of the extent of the westward movement, more and more hostile. First the French and finally the British  Loyalist didn't help.

Spencer Records (real name) tells us about living in these days, both in Pennsylvania and later in Kentucky during the era of David Lindsay. Researchers agree, Spencer's rendition of life (and Indian troubles) in these times is truly representative of early frontier life.


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