This is a collection of informative dates residences of the area are present and some of their activities. Also include are friends and neighbors in the area, some families of which are later found in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and later in Bourbon County, Kentucky.


From the History and Topography of Cumberland, Franklin, Bedford Counties, etc by Daniel Rupp: 

Benjamin Chambers (abt. 21 yrs old; first white settler in Franklin County) received license for Falling Spring land ca 1734; James, Robert, Joseph, and Benjamin (the youngest brother) settled area; from County Antrim Ireland; Benjamin went home and recruited migrants from homeland (could there have been Lindsay’s there?) 

John Lindsey, tax collector; E. Penn; 1747

1750 July Quarter Session at Shippensburg: Grand Jury = James Lindsay

Taxables for E. Penn. 1750 …. No Lindsays

Taxables for W. Penn 1751: Samuel Lindsay & John Glass

Taxables for Hopewell TWP 1751: Alexander & Joshua McClintock; Hugh Torrence; Alan, John, John Jr. Nesbit; James Pollack; John McCune JR; David Simrel;

Taxables for Guilford TWP 1751: John, James Lindsay

Taxables for Hamilton TWP 1752: Josh, James, Thomas Jr. Barnett 

Cumberland County tax list: 

            David Linds*y 1772 to 1811                                            

            David Lindsay on 1790 & 1800 census, Cumberland County.

            David, 1772 to 1774, West Pennsboro TWP, renter

David, Carlisle, 1774 to 1787                  (Probably Lot 4 purchased by David Sr. at sheriff sale instigated by William McCune Jan. 1774)

               David Sr. & Jr., Tyrone TWP, 1774 to 1787  (154 ac)                                  (This suggests a single family)

               David, Tyrone TWP, 1788 to 1811  (300 ac)`                                                 (Jr. of above?)

David, Carlisle, tavern keeper; one house on one lot, 1779.                                     (Probably Lot 4)           

            David, freeman, Armagh TWP, 1784 to 1787

            David Lindsay Jr. Warrant, 300 ac (327 ac returned), Tyrone TWP, Jan. 1786               (grandson David, son of Jacob, b. ca 1763?)

            David Lindsay Warrant, 268 ac (returned), Tyrone TWP, March 1795

                                                            ( All above from Jim Richey document)


David Lindsay Sr. d. 1781-1782:  

David, grandson, receives Carlisle Lot Oct. 1784; apparently sold to John Spotswood and recorded April 1809. 

David, grandson, June 1784, is co-heir of David Sr. estate, (not described). Other heirs (including David Jr.) agree to appraise estate and sell same at public or private auction; grandson David purchases property. (Heirs Agreement) 

David, grandson, sells 105+ ac to James Blair Dec. 1802. Land was sold to David Sr. by William Holt who warranted same June 1762. Property adjoins land warranted to David Lindsay March 1795. 

David Sr. (son of former David Sr., deceased) gives POA to son William Lindsay Jan. 1809; revokes same Jan. 1810. Apparently concerns Carlisle property “now in the hands of David Jr.”. 

David Lindsay, grandson, & wife Mary record deed to John Spotswood (husband of Catherine Lindsay) April 1809. Land acquired by David, grandson, at Orphans Court Oct. 1784. Concerns house & lot 4 in Carlisle purchased by David Sr. in Jan. 1772 at sheriffs sale instigated by William McCune. (This William McCune is found with David Lindsay in Westmoreland County, PA and later Harrison County, KY.)

David Lindsey of Carlisle, Cumberland co, PA is well documented by Tim Forsythe (The Forsythe Saga) to have migrated from Chester co, PA ca  September 1771. Copied this 11th day of October, Tim may add additional information as his research progresses.

His Website is found at:


 David Linds*y’s only:

David Linsy, Tyrone TWP,                                            5       2      3                            1790 -16=1774 or before

David Lindsey, Tyrone TWP,                                        1       5      2                                     -15=1775 or after          

                                                                          Tot =   6

David Lindsay, Tyrone TWP,                  2   1    1    2   1     2   1     1    1   1       ?  ?                        (Now Perry County)

David Lindsay, Tyrone TWP,                  3   2    1    1   1     2   1     1    1   1       1  1

                                                                           Tot = 7                              2

David Lindsay, Toboyne TWP,               1   2    1    1   1      1   1    1    1    1       ?   ?   (IN PERRY County; Adjacent to CUMBERLAND County) 

45 or over = b. 1755 or before

 26 to 44 = b. 1756 to 1774

                16 to 25 = b. 1775 to 1784

                10 to 15 = b. 1790 to 1795

                0 to 9     = b. 1791 to 1800

Note: In 1800, there are 3 men and 3 women 45 yrs or older and yet have 6 young  children 0-9 yrs old!

This is the 1790 Federal Census for Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
  LAST NAME               FIRST NAME               PAGE   FILE NAME      DIVISION                                                                
Lindsay                 Walter                   38-1   pg34-1.txt     Eastern Part of Cumberland       ???                                       
Lindsey                 Samuel                   6      pg01.txt       Hopewell, Newton, Toboyne (now Perry County), West Pennsboro Townships                     
Lindsey                 Wm                       6      pg01.txt       Hopewell, Newton, Toboyne, West Pennsboro Townships                     
Lindsy                  David                    40-1   pg38-2.txt     Eastern Part of Cumberland                                              
Lindsy                  David                    42-1   pg38-2.txt     Eastern Part of Cumberland  ???? (Could this be Carlisle?)         

The 1810 census lists only William Lindsay in Tyrone TWP; David Linsy in Tioga County; William Lindsey in Frankfort TWP; 


Reward for Run-away
  RAN-AWAY from the subscriber living in the borough of Carlisle, on 
the night of the 23d inst., an Irish servant man, named   Felix 
M'Fadding, about 18 or 19 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, well set, 
has black hair tied behind, fresh complexion, broad smooth face, large 
black eye brows, speaks much with the Irish brogue, and can work at the 
taylor's trade, had on when he went off a gray cloth coat patched, new 
nankeen jacket and breeches a coarse linen shirt, a good felt hat, blue 
ribbed stockings, middling good shoes, block tin buckles, plated knee 
buckles. Whoever takes up said servant to theat his master may get him 
again shall have the above reward and reasonable charges  paid by
April 24, 1786                                          David LINDSEY


Parish Registers of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Carlisle,


Will References: 

Written: December 4, 1773
    Registers office, Carlisle, Pa.
  Will of HENRY Thompson will book D p 96 He is of Guilford Tp.
  2d to my son Samuel Thompson 7 shillings sixpence
  3 To my son in law Wm Lindsay, husband to Margaret, my daughter 7 shillings 
  six pence
  4th to my son in law John Fulton, husband of Jenny, my daughter 7 shillings 
  5th to my son John Thompson to keep his mother & subject to charge on his land 
  that he sufficiently cares for her leaves him all of his real estate.  
  Appoints Wm Lindsey & John Thompson Exrs. Dated Dec 4, 1773. Henry (his mark) 
  Thomson (seal) Attest Jas Lindsay, Samuel Rea Proven May 22d 1782 as will of 
  Henry Thompson & letters to above Exrs.
ARMSTRONG, JOHN, Carlisle.  
-- February 1795. July 25, 1797.
Wife Rebeccah.
Sons James and John.
Rebeccah Turner of Chester Co.
Bro. Andrew of the Kingdom of Ireland.
Plantation in Middleton Twp.
Exs:  Wife Rebeccah and sons James and John Armstrong.
Wit:  George Patterson, David Lindsay, Willm. Lyon.  F. 76-77.


 John Mountier, William Richards, William 
      Walker, Charles Gressman. 
    --The Pennsylvania Chronicle, No. 155, December 
        25, 1769-January 1, 1770. 

To be SOLD,

A Valuable plantation, containing upwards of 200 acres, situate in the county of Sussex, and province of New-Jersey, two miles and an half from Andover furnace, and the like distance from the court-house, at either of which places is a ready market for all kinds of produce. There is on said plantation a frame dwelling-house and kitchen, almost new, and well finish'd, with cellars under the whole; also good stables, shed, cow-house, spring house, a commodious log dwelling-house, and a convenient paled garden; one orchard of 160 bearing apple trees, and another of the same number lately planted; about 70 acres of plow land, and 20 of meadow cleared; the latter in good English grass, and the whole under good fence. Thirty acres (at least) or more meadow may be made at a small expence, and can be easily watered by a brook running through the tract. The situation of this place is very advantageous for a tavern, (as four roads meet there) where a noted one has been kept for some years past, formerly by the widow Kennedy, but now by David Lindsey. Any person inclining to purchase the said plantation, may know the terms by applying (at the furnace aforesaid) to

                                ARCHIBALD STEWART. 

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New Jersey Vol XXVI                Page 591


Oath of allegiance for Cumberland County:  (There must be three David Lindsey's!)

1778 David Lindsey Sr. Oath of Allegiance 6/12/1778

1778 David Lindsey Jr. Oath of Allegiance 6/12/1778

1778 David Lindsey      Oath of Allegiance 7/11/1778 

1778 Lindsay David Cumberland    Pvt.                       7BN 7CO 6Class Capt. Edward Grimes   Fine Book of John Carothers dated Jan 1778         ( "dqt" listed as reason!) (Delinquent?)

1780 Lindsay David Cumberland   Pvt.                        8BN 4CO 2,3,4Class   Tax Rate of 8 BN

1781 Lindsay David Jun? Cumberland   Pvt.              2BN 6CO 3Class   Class Roll 9/8/1781

1782 Lindsay David Cumberland                   8BN 4CO 3Class   Ordered to duty March 12, 1782 Pa Archives  

1782 Lindsay David Cumberland   Pvt.                        8BN 3CO 4Class   Ordered to duty March 12, 1782 Pa Archives

(Indicates at least two David Lindsay’s present in Cumberland County)  

1783 Lindsay David Cumberland   Pvt.                        9BN 4CO 5Class   Ordered to duty March 12, 1783   

1785 Lindsay David Cumberland Militia   Certificate 7129 24 Sept 1785

1785 Linds*y David Cumberland Militia   Certificate 4207 $9.16.0  Issued 5/11/1785 

Jonathan Stayer:

The oath of allegiance (loyalty oath) was required of all white males in Pennsylvania over the age of 18 years by an Act of Assembly passed June 13, 1777 (see:  One was required to take this oath to demonstrate his loyalty to the new Pennsylvania government and to hold a civil office in the state.  Pennsylvania’s Constitution of 1776 made every resident of the state at that time a citizen, so taking this oath did not indicate that one had been born in Europe.   

III. Test Oaths/Loyalty Oaths/Oaths of Allegiance  

            A. Oaths of Allegiance (RG-27), 1777-1790         

                        1. Act of June 13, 1777

                            a. Loyalty oath required of all white, male inhabitants over the

                                    age of 18 years

                            b. Opposed by Historic Peace Churches

                        2. Published in Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume 3, pp. 3-86

            B. Lists of Persons Who Took the Oath of Allegiance (RG-26), 1789-1794 

            C. Commission Book 1 (RG-17), pp. 35-83, 99-109, 340 (1777-1790)

                        1. Copies of oath lists found in RG-27 and RG-26                                 

                        2. Published in Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume 3, pp. 3-86

            D. Other Sources (arranged by county)

                        1. BEDFORD  COUNTY

                            “Oaths of Allegiance, Bedford County,” by James B. Whisker, in Bedford

                             County in the American Revolution (Apollo, PA:  Closson Press, 1985), pp.

                             167-69 (1778-1786) – “Original documents in Prothonotary’s Office,

                             Bedford County Court House”

                        2. BERKS  COUNTY

                            Oaths and Index to Berks County, Pennsylvania  (Philadelphia: 

                             Philadelphia Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1949)

                                    a. Oaths dated 1777-1787

                                    b. “Copied by B. F. Owen, Reading”

                                    c. Originally titled “The Names of Persons Who Took the Oath of

                                                Allegiance in Berks County, Pennsylvania”

                                    d. Volume 268 of the Collections of the Genealogical Society of


                        3. CUMBERLAND  COUNTY

                                    Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume 14, pp. 471-85 (1777-1778)

                        4. LANCASTER  COUNTY          

                            a. Lancaster County, PA Deed Book L, pp. 375-406 (1777-1789)

                            b. Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume 13, pp. 293-472 – lists

                                 similar to those found in Deed Book L




Cumberland County Names: 

SELLERS, JOHN (c.1750-1812) Son of Samuel and - (Finley) Sellers was born about 1750 at Shippensburg, Cumberland Co., PA. He married Mary Woods about 1774 in Cumberland Co., PA and soon after moved his family to Westmoreland Co., PA near the Hinksons and McCunes. 

Major John MILLER    

Birth: 21 Sep 1752 Sherman Valley, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Major John Miller, founder of Millersburg, Bourbon Co., Ky, and his brother William were the leaders of the "Miller, Company," several years younger than William was born Sept. 21, 1752 in Sherman Valley near Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pa., to which place at least one of the parents had emigrated from Northern Ireland, probably during the 1740 decade. 

Barnett Cunningham:

Sometime after 1770, arrived in Cumberland County and took up lands via Tomahawk Rights,

1778-1783 Private in Lt. David Lindsey’s Company of Rangers 

Jeremiah NESBITT:

Born bet. 1738-40 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Jeremiah died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in March 1796; he was 58.

(Jeremiah’s name is just above David Lindsay’s signature on the Ruddle’s Mill petition of 1788.)

A Private in Lt. David Lindsey’s Company under James Vance

The Nesbitt’s came to America around 1700 and settled in Lancaster Co., PA, now known as Cumberland Valley. 

John Hinkson:

HINKSON, JOHN (c.1729-1789) A native of Ireland, he was born about 1729, the son of John and Agnes Hinkson. 
The Hinksons settled in Cumberland Co., PA at an early day.

Wm. McCune:

b. 1751 (Hopewell TWP?) along with David Lindsay in late 1772 signed the McClure Petition whereby locals of then Bedford County, PA committed to pay David McClure a fee to preach to them.   

Land warrants, Cumberland County: 

Nesbitt, Thomas                 279 1/2           Nov. 1, 1768.                   (Jeremiah’s brother; Thomas.Born circa 1742 in Cumberland County, PA)

Nesbitt, John & W.              50                March 17, 1787.  (Father of Jeremiah? Wm. brother?)
McCune, John                    70                Oct. 20, 1766.  (Father of William McCune)
McCune, John                    200                Nov. 9, 1785.
Miller, Robert (Carlisle)       Lot.              June 12, 1759.  (One or all these Robert’s are father of Maj. John Miller)
Miller, Robert                  100               March 18, 1763.
Miller, Robert (Carlisle)       Water lot.        Oct. 13, 1774.
Miller, Robert, Esq. (Carlisle) Lot No. 99.       April 8, 1775.
Miller, Robert, Esq.            164.7             April 12, 1775. 
Miller, Robert                  360               Sept. 14, 1789.
June 16, 1786  Old newspaper article reports David Lindsey has taken a pew in the gallery of the 
Presbyterian Church, Carlisle.