Cumberland County Warrants


    Original "West Side Applications" for Pennsylvania Lindsay's  (From Pennsylvania Land Records)

    Grantor-Grantee Index Cumberland County     (Lindsay's only)

    Grantee-Grantor Index Cumberland County     (Lindsay's only)

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Cumberland County formed 1750


Franklin County formed 1784


Townships and the date they were created.
Parent townships are indicated, where known.
Antrim - 1741 ++        From Hopewell.
Lurgan – 1743 ++
Peters – 1751 ++
Guilford – 1751 ++
Hamilton – 1752 ++
Fannett – 1761 ++
Letterkenny – 1762 ++    From Lurgan
Washington - 1779 ++    From Antrim
Montgomery - 1781 ++    From Peters
Southhampton – 1783 ++   From Hopewell and Lurgan - NOTE: Part of this township
     was apportioned to Franklin Co in 1784 and part remained in Cumberland Co.
Above townships were part of Cumberland County until 1784.
Franklin – 1784  (Now in Adams County?)
Greene – 1788 ++
Metal – 1795 ++
Warren – 1798 ++
St. Thomas – 1818 ++
Quincy – 1838 ++



Bedford County formed 1771 


Huntington County formed 1787


Adams County formed 1800


Perry County formed 1820


Fulton County 1853


Lindsay, John Sr./ Jr.  193.49                       July 10, 1752         C 119 155 Warrant 011 (110.75 + 82.74 = 193.49 ac) The east part of this tract is shown by Seilhamer’s publication to be owed by John Jr.


Lindsey, John                   150                      July 10, 1752.        C 109 132 Warrant 011. The plat indicates the acres to be 324.156 and is the James Lindsay Seilhamer’s tract for Falling Spring’s! On the east side is shown as John Lindsay which I presume is his 150 acres, somehow grown to 193.49 ac!  


Lindsay, James                  324.156               April 2, 1763         C 109 132 Warrant 170 Listed as James Lindsay

(Identical lands) This is the tract indicated in Seilhamer’s as belong to James Lindsay “Along the Falling Spring”


Lindsay James                 200                       Sept. 3, 1766         D 57 140 Warrant?? “West Side Application 1112” Returned 315.134 Not same tract indicated by Seilhamer James Lindsay (C 109 132). Guilford TWP


Lindsay James                 200                       Sept. 10, 1766       C 170 241 Warrant?? “West Side Application 1192” Reported as Lurgan TWP but believe it is Guilford TWP Returned 125.117 acres. See Arthur Lindsay “West Side Application 3006”, reported to be “West Side Application 3006” Letterkenny TWP.


Lindsay William              300.72                   Sept. 9, 1766         D 49 193 Warrant?? “West Side Application 1188” Green TWP Returned 370.143 acres. This track indicates 93.25 acres to John Rea. “Lying in Conococheague Creek” adjoining Ben Chambers; John Andrew; John Miller. Formerly Letterkenny TWP and now Green TWP. No find remaining 277.18 acres.


Lindsay James Jr.            300                       Mar. 2, 1767          D 06 82 Warrant?? “West Side Application 2923”

 Fulton County Returned 176 acres. The plat describes this land “in a valley between Sideling Hill (Fulton County) and

 Rays Hill in Cumberland County. The plat also indicates the tract is adjacent to Sideling Hill. If this meant Sideling

 Hill Creek, the approximate location would be Dublin Mills, just inside Fulton County. Sideling Hill Creek empties

 into Augwick Creek in about 4.5 miles. The application states the land to be on the  “Waters of Augwick in a valley

 between Sideling Hill and Rays Hill. This includes “a large run”. Alexander Lindsay’s legal further describes the

 location as at the “headwaters of Augwick”. This would put the tract near Maddensville, Huntington County. This is

 some 13 miles NE of Sideling Hill and approximately 14 miles NNE of Patterson Run draining into Licking Creek!


Lindsay Alexander           300                       Mar. 2, 1767          D 06 83 Warrant?? “West Side application 2921”

Fulton County Returned 230 acres. See James Lindsay Jr. for discussion.


Lindsay Alexander           300                       Mar ?, 1767           “West Side application 3005” Lurgan TWP Adjoining

David Duncan and Thomas Meyers at the foot or fork of South Mountain. No find Duncan or Meyers in Cumberland

County warrants.


Lindsay, John, Jun           168                       Aug. 31, 1774.       C 112 104 Warrant 151 Issued to William Lindsay for John Lindsay Jr. This is the tract listed Seilhamer’s “Along the Falling Spring” publication belonging to William Lindsay! The tract is adjacent to John / James Lindsay on the north. Guilford TWP.                                                                                           


Lindsay Capt. Samuel      303.138                 Sept 10, 1766        C 112 99-200 Found in “West Side Applications 1113” Guilford TWP Also Seilhamer’s tract.


Lindsay Thomas             200                       Mar. 18, 1767        C 86 98 Warrant?? “West Side Application 3079 ” Returned 168 acres On Branch of Connocoheague  Creek. Letterkenny TWP; north of Chambersburg. Conococheague Creek doesn’t seem to extend into Letterkenny TWP!


Lindsay Arthur                300                       Mar. 6, 1767          D 55 175 Warrant?? “West Side Application 3006” Letterkenny TWP joining James Lindsay. Returned 320.93 acres Plat indicates tract on Conococheague Creek. See James Lindsay “West Side Application 1192”


Lindsay Margaret            300                       April 7, 1767         D 55 127 Warrant?? “West Side Application 3307” Returned 167.138 acres. Guilford TWP. 


Lindsey, William               400                      June 3, 1763.         C 109 281 Warrant 86 to Thomas Drumgold Returned 550.5 ac!


Lindsey, William               300                      June 3, 1763.         C 056 28 Adjacent to Warrant 86 306.22 ac

Both of these tracts are on Dunnings Creek, which is located north of Bedford, now in Bedford County. The 1773 Bedford Tax lists John and Peter Lindsey as Taxables.


Lindsey, Samuel               227.4                   July 5, 1769. C 112 47 Warrant 113 to Samuel Lindsay Located in “Morrison’s Cove” Bedford County.


Lindsay, Samuel               219                      July 5, 1769. C 112 46 Warrant 114 to Samuel Lindsay Located in “Morrison’s Cove” Bedford County.


Lindsay Joseph                 300                     Aug. 1, 1776          D 49 186 Warrant?? “West Side Application 237”         “Morrison Cove”, Bedford County. Returned 44.75 acres.


Lindsay, Samuel               250                      April 16, 1772.       C 116 128 Warrant 120 to Samuel Lindsay West PennsboroTWP Cumberland County. Returned 250.88 acres.


Lindsay, Samuel               250                      April 16, 1772.       C 116 127 Warrant 124 to Samuel Linsey West Pennsboro TWP Returned 108 acres


Lindsay Sam & Fulton      200                     Sept. 10, 1766       A 06 03 Warrant?? “West Side Application 1191 ” Returned 108.150 acres. Partly in Guilford and Letterkenny TWP. Adjacent to Joseph Lindsay acquired by Samuel Lindsay. 1831 map indicates turnpike now traversing center of tract. Apparently on turnpike between Chambersburg and Fayetteville dividing Guilford TWP from Green TWP.


Lindsay Joseph for}          268.80                   Jan. 17, 1775         C 112 235 Warrant 158 to Joseph Lindsay for Samuel Samuel Lindsay}                                            Lindsay   Guilford / Letterkenny TWP  TWP’s not now connected; NW Chambersburg. The legal for this tract is on south of Sam & Fulton Lindsay. See “West Side Application 1191”. This would put it between Guilford and Green TWP’s on turnpike to Fayetteville.



Lindsay Samuel                25                        Feb. 17, 1774        C112 239 Warrant 137 to Samuel Lindsay Returned 20.149 Guilford TWP


Lindsey Samuel               150                                                    Found on “West Side Application 2435 ” London Derry TWP Thompson Run Bedford TWP No Survey reported. On or near Raystown Branch of Juniata.


Lindsay Samuel               66.11                     April 27, 1774        C 275-276 Warrant 145 (Part of Benjamin Gas tract) Guilford TWP. 


Lindsey Samuel               2.0                        Feb. 17, 1817        No survey. Frankford TWP. In trust


Lindsay Fulton                300              Sept 3, 1766    B 01 118; C 61 16; A 31 84. Warrant?? “West Side

Application 1111” to Fulton Lindsay. Returned 224 acres Guilford TWP. Same as Seilhamer’s tract.



Lindsey David                 50              June 8, 1762    K 370 A tract of land sold to David Lindsay Sr. warranted (#80) to William Holt. Surveyed for Holt Jan 8, 1763. Returned 105.104 acres. Grandson David Jr. sold property to James Blair Dec. 15, 1802.(Don’t know how he got it!) Tyrone TWP


Lindsey David Jr.            224?             Mar. 23, 1781        Deed from William Livingston to David Lindsey Jr. for Tyrone TWP non-described land. Apparently received via Fieri Facias court order to the present sheriff.


Lindsey, David, Jr.        300                Jan. 19, 1786         C 109 227 Warrant 194 Tyrone TWP, now Perry County. 327.140 acres. Tract name “Lindsay Sale”. Patent date = Apr. 15, 1786. David and Mary Lindsey sold 300 out of 327 acres to Lowdawich Kornman? Feb. 4, 1791.


Lindsey, David Jr.         250               March 11, 1795.    C 110 124; C 124 135; C 119 58; Warrant 279 Returned 249.36 acres. Tyrone TWP, now Perry County. Sold to David Shade Jan. 13, 1802 and then parceled out to Philip Shearer; Geo. And Ben Riber; and Jacob Shearer. On east side of tract originally belonging to Wm. Holt.


Lindsey David                 300            April 3, 1769         Application 1425 by David Lindsey. “At ‘Standing Stone’

Luzerne County now Bradford County. Situate on southerly side of north east branch of Susquehanna River. See below.


Lindsay, John                   24            July 28, 1814.


(Below) are links to the indexes and interfaces for the scanned pages of the West Side Applications register, which contains complete abstracts of all 5,595 West Side Applications--representing a new application system for patents that was implemented in 1765 and was first used for settling unwarranted land on the eastern side of the Susquehanna River. The purpose of the new process was to avoid overloading the Land Office, and the first step in the process was making a formal application. The applicant was to appear in person at the Land Office in Philadelphia, at which time the application was recorded in a special book. Copies of applications were sent to the surveyor general who noted their receipt and assigned orders for surveys of each to be completed within six months. After the survey was completed and the applicant produced a certified statement regarding the land and paid the receiver general, a warrant was sent to the surveyor general who then sent a return of survey back to the Land Office for issue of a patent. Information contained in each application abstract shown on these scanned pages includes the date, application number, applicant name, number of acres, description of property, and the township and county (at the time of application, that is) in which it was located.

The West Side tracts lie inside the present day counties of York, Adams, Franklin, Fulton, Bedford, Blair, Huntingdon, Cumberland, Perry, Juniata, Snyder, Union, and the southern portions of Mifflin and Centre.



A review of the Lindsay applicants for new purchases of newly open lands called “New Purchases Applications (1769-1773), I have concluded that the names are those of Cumberland County Lindsay’s situated in the County in 1769. Each are first date applicants of April 3, 1769 when the applications were opened.


William Lindsay Jr.         April 3, 1769,        C 14 59                           NP -738

Samuel Lindsay               April 3, 1769         D 56 174                         NP -1483 & NP- 3009; Apparently NP-3010 &

                                                                                                          NP 3559 REJECTED.

James Lindsay                April 3, 1769         C 144 190 & C 144 201    NP-1850

Arthur Lindsay                April 3, 1769         C 198 233                       NP-1759

Mary Lindsay                  April 3, 1769         D 62 190                         NP-2504

Charles Lindsay              July 10, 1769         Apparently had NP-3636 on Redstone Creek next to George Paul Jr.; Thomas Wishart; & Oliver Wallace. Reference D-59-249; C-53-273; & C-53-274.  No find.


Another Lindsay: 

David Lindsey                 April 3, 1769         C-93-36                          NP-1425 (This is evidence of another David Lindsey present in Pennsylvania in 1769. Resurveyed May 20, 1783.