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Collection of Information on the Lindsay's of the Area with Source Cited



Source: “Concerning our forefathers” by Charlotte Reeve Conover 

William Lindsay, Grandfather; born on shipboard.  (According to Wm. Nisbet) 

           William Lindsay Jr. b. 1738 d.   m. Margaret Ewing each age 20

                                Will: JAMES EWING, of Little (Lower?) Providence, Chester Co. Will, 14 Dec., 1739; pro. 28 Nov., 1740. W. Margaret. Dau. Eliz., w. of Robert McClellan; to children ¼ pt.; dau. Margaret, w. of Wm. Lindsay, ¼ pt.; dau. Jane, ¼ pt.; dau. Rebecca, w. John Cahoon, ¼ pt. Gr. dau. Eliz. McClellan, £16; gr. son, James Ewing, son of William, £4. Sons: William and Thomas £17 each. Sons-in-law, Robert McClellan and William Lindsay execs. Wits.: John Bradish, John and Wm. (William) McClelland. (rgl) 

        from THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA, by Futhey and Cope (1881);

        There were 2 townships of the name Providence, organized at an early day, and
        designated as Upper and Lower, or Nether Providence. They became a part of
        Delaware Co in 1789.

Original Publication:

EWING, JAMES. L. Providence.
December 14, 1739. November 28, 1740. B. 70.
To wife Margaret all real estate during life and at her decease to my 
heirs generally that is, to children of daughter Elizabeth wife of 
Robt. McClellan 1/4 part. To daughter Margaret wife of William Linsey 
1/4. To daughter Jane 1/4 and remaining part to Rebecca wife of John 
Cohoon. To granddaughter Elizabeth McClelland £16. To grandson James 
Ewing son of Wm. £4. To sons Wm. and Thomas 1 shilling each.
Executors: sons in law Robert McClelland and Wm. Linsey.
Witnesses: John Bradish, John McClellan, Wm. McClellan.

Note: James Ewing's will was probated Nov. 28, 1740. In it he gives ¼ part to daughter Margaret, wife of William Lindsay. I conclude therefore William Lindsay was born prior to 1738! See remarks below by Brenda Wallace and "A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri" where a William Lindsay b. 1735 is married to  (Margaret?) Ellen Thompson, of Ireland.

(There were two townships of the name Providence, organized at an early day, and designated as Upper and Lower, or Nether Providence (Today known as Nether Providence). They became a part of Delaware County in 1789.)


                      Elizabeth b. 1760   m. Robert Patterson






Col. Robert Patterson m. Elizabeth March 29, 1780

Ø     Brother in Laws = Joseph & William; (in KY at Lindsay springs)

Ø     Nisbet = three sons and two daughters (William) followed him to Kentucky

Ø     P 161 = BLOCKHOUSE OCCUPIED BY James, Arthur, & Joseph Lindsay

Ø     After wedding R. Patterson set out with Elizabeth brothers Henry & William to Bedford


Ø     Lindsay’s in Kentucky = Father William living with Joseph, William, Henry, James lives on Steel Run

now is the time


Source: “The KITTOCHTINNY Magazine” by Seilhamer 

John # 1:


John Lindsay m. Nancy Andrew b. 1766 d. 1830          

            Jane m. Samuel Renfrew

            Margaret m. ? Ritchey



John # 2


Pioneer John Lindsay d. 1799; brother of James (Conveyed 324 acres to son James 1783.)

         ­­>John married Rebecca

           >James b. 1743-1804 m. Martha b. 1751-1838

                      1. John 1770-1825 m. Francis Crawford 1780-1868 (after death sold plantation)


                                >John Vance

                                           John B.          


                                >Edward Crawford







                      2. James

                      3. Elizabeth m. McCully 1801



                      4. Martha

                      5. Jane m. James Black?

                      6. Agness

                      7. Sara d. 1808

                      8. Mary m. Davidson


James 1


Pioneer James Lindsay d. 1789 Land warrant issued 1766

           1. Fulton

                      > William Land warrant issued 1767 (received tract in father’s will)

                      > Elizabeth m. Robert Patterson

                      > Margaret m. McKean

                      > Jane

                      > Martha

                      > Susanna

Will of Fulton Lindsey, late of Guilford Township, Franklin County, PA. Wife, Jane. Children: Fulton Lindsey, William Lindsey, James Lindsey, Elizabeth Lindsey, Margaret Lindsey, Jane Lindsey and Martha Lindsey. Executors: James Lindsey, bachelor; James Lindsey, farmer. Written 7 June 1788. Probated 13 March 1789. Witnesses: Edward Crawford, William Johnston, Robert Boyd.

(Source: Franklin County Wills, as recorded at Chambersburg, PA)

           2. Samuel    (Capt. Samuel?)

           3. Alexander

                      > Elizabeth

           4. Martha m. Thompson

           5. James 1736-1823 Unmarried


Other Lindsay’s mentioned: 

           > Capt. Samuel Lindsay Land warrant issued 1766; soldier in French and Indian War; land patented by sons of James the Pioneer.

           > Nancy Lindsay m. John Vance 1809

           > Nancy Andrew m. John Lindsay 1766-1830


Source: “Biographical Annuals of Franklin County” by Seilhamer


Pioneer John Lindsay d. 1799 

           Fulton Lindsay m Jane Fulton

                      >James b. Aug. 1743 d. Oct. 12, 1804 m. Martha b. 1751 d. Sept. 7, 1838

                                > John b. Guilford TWP 1770 d. Sept. 6, 1825; m. Francis Crawford b. 1780 d. April 11, 1868 (dau. of Edward Crawford)


________________________________________________________John's Children___________________________________________

           |                                |                                |                     |                     |              |                 |                     |                |

James d. Missouri    John Vance        Edward Crawford    Martha                  Elizabeth       Sara               Jane             Mary           Rebecca

                        b. Mar. 15, 1814          1823-1844              m. James      m. Sam       m. J. Smith     m. Fredrick      m. John D      m. Wm. G. Reed

                        d. June 4, 1853                                      Thompson       Bingham     Grier              Byers               Grier

                        m. Catherine Elizabeth Wolf

                        b. Sept. 18, 1820

                        d. Feb. 13, 1904


                                John Bernard b. 1843

                                Thomas Crawford 1845-1873

                                William Wolf 1847-1898

                                Frank b. 1851 (lived in Chambersburg)



From jim richey publication volume ii 

David Lindsay b. circa 1720 Scotland (?), came to USA circa 1770, d. pre 1782, Cumberland County, PA, wife unknown, buried in Wagner’s Graveyard, Carlisle. 

Children according to estate settlement: 

           > Jacob b. circa 1740, Scotland? Ireland? d. before father, wife unknown, called eldest son in fathers will.

           > Catherine b. circa 1742 m. John Spotswood?

           > Alexander b. circa 1744, m. Grace Cummings 1760. A Alexander Lindsay had West Side Application # 3005 Green TWP & # 2921  for    Fulton County.                                             

           > David b. circa 1748 m. Mary? 

           > Jane b. circa 1750 m. James Cummings

           > James b. circa 1752, died before father

           > Rachel b. circa 1755 m. Alexander Forsythe


> Jacob b. circa 1740, Scotland? Ireland? d. before father, wife unknown, called eldest son in fathers will. 

Ø     David b. circa 1763  (Initiated estate settlement request)

Ø     Elizabeth b. circa 1765

Ø     Jacob b. circa 1767

Ø     Benjamin b. circa 1769

Ø     Alexander b. 1771 d. 1833 m. Mary Moses

Ø     Jane b. circa 1773

Ø     John b. circa 1776 d. 1828 m. Elizabeth Lear? 

1.     Alexander                            

2.     Mary

3.     John

4.     Elizabeth

5.     Aaron

6.     Morris   (went to Sangamon County, IL)

7.     Andrew Lewis

8.     Hanna Jane

9.     Isaac   (went to Sangamon County, IL)

10.  Margaret Griselda



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William and Margaret Thompson Lindsay Franklin Co., PA

Brenda Wallace  (View posts)

Posted: 15 Aug 2006 3:51PM GMT

Classification: Query


Based on pension records of James/Hettie Lindsay, witnesses to wills, locations, and ages, I wish to propose the following family connections. This is contrary to what I have seen on the internet so if anyone has documentation to prove otherwise please post it in numerous places. I really would like to get a well documented family of the Lindsays of Franklin CO., PA.

William Lindsay b. about 1735 md. Margaret
(Ellen?) probably Thompson.
ch:          James b.1755-1832 md. Hettie. d. Gallatin CO., KY
              Jane b. about1747 md. Andrew Steele who died Fayette CO., KY
               Elizabeth about1760 md. Robert Patterson 1753-1827 lived in Fayette CO., KY d. Dayton OH
               William lived Fayette CO., KY
               Henry lived Fayette CO., KY md. a Kinhead
               Joseph possibly died at Blue Licks 1782. md. a Kinhead 
(not so)

Please help on these Lindsays.


The above reference is very to similar to the one published by William S. Bryan and Robert Rose entitled "A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri", 1876.

From: "A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri" 

Page 164 - 165

LINDSAY. — The original Lindsay family of the United States sprang from seven brothers, who came from England before the revolution. Their names were William, Samuel, James, John, Robert, Joseph, and Alexander. William married (Margaret?) Ellen Thompson, of Ireland, and settled in Pennsylvania. Their children were — James, Jane, Elizabeth, Samuel, William, Henry, and Joseph. Henry Lindsay and his brother-in-law, Col. Robert Patterson, who married Elizabeth Lindsay, were the joint owners of the land on which the city of Cincinnati now stands. They built the first cabin there, and dug a well one hundred and twenty-two feet deep, when they struck a large walnut stump, and being unable to remove it, and having become dissatisfied with the location, they abandoned it. They were both in the battle of Tippecanoe. Henry Lindsay married Elizabeth Culbertson, and they had one son, William C., when Mrs. Lindsay died, and he afterward married Margaret Kincaid, daughter of William Kincaid, of Dublin, Ireland, who had settled in Greenbriar county, Va.By his second wife he had — Ellen K., James, Nancy B., Preston, John K., Henry C., and Margaret J. William C. Lindsay settled in St. Charles county in 1827, and died in 1861. He was married twice, first to Mary Hamilton, and after her death, he married the widow Lewis, whose maiden name was Maria Bell. Ellen K. died single in Kentucky. James died in Lincoln county, unmarried. Nancy married Alexander Mc-Connell, of Indiana. Preston studied medicine, and married Jane Mahan, of Kentucky. John K. married Hannah Bailey, of Lincoln county, where he now resides. Henry C. was also a physician. He settled in St. Charles county in 1835, and died three years after. Margaret J. married Dr. John Scott, of Howard county, Mo. William Lindsay, Jr., was married in Pennsylvania to Sarah Thompson, and settled in Pike county, Mo., in 1829.

The source of such knowledge is not specified!

Source: Abstracts of Wills and Administrations by Franklin County Registered at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 

Page 292
Will of James Lindsay of Franklin County. Dated Jan 17, 1821-Probated Jan 18, 1824. Fulton Township.
son of my sister Martha Thompson.
James & John McCully, children of my cousin James' dau Elizabeth.
Betsey Linday, dau of my brother Alex. Lindsay.
Cousin Martha Lindsay.
Children & Grandchildren of my brother Fulton Lindsay wit: Elizabeth McKean, Margaret Patterson, Janes Patterson, Martha Lindsay, Susanna Lindsay, James Lindsay, the children of my nephew Fulton Lindsay, decd. to wit:
Elizabeth, James, Michael & Fulton & children of my nephew Wm. Nephew William's wife.
Exrs: Friends John Lindsay Esq. & Samuel Colhoun
Wit: A Colhoun, John VANCE & John Lindsay



           Seilhamer: Elizabeth Lindsay Patterson is daughter of Fulton Lindsay w. brothers William & Fulton 

           Conover: Elizabeth Lindsay Patterson; granddaughter of William; daughter of William; brothers are Joseph, William, Henry, James, Arthur.


Other “stuff”: 

Charles Baxter, late of Guilford; only date given is 5 September 1767. Wife Jean. Son: Allen, to be bound to William Glass to learn clother trade. Daughter Elizabeth.
Executors: wife Jean Baxter and William Glass.
Witnesses: James and Joseph Lindsay.
(Source: Page 101, Will Book; Cumberland County, PA Wills) 

James Lindsay, late of Tyrone Township; will dated April 9, 1830; probate date not given. Mentions sister Jean Black, wife of Christopher Black; sister Chatriana Givin; James Lindsay Givin (no relationship given_; brother William Lindsay to care for Mother (not named) for remaining natural years of her life.
Executors: Lewis Givin, William Lindsay.
Witnesses: David Beyer, Conrad Fleck.
Letters testamentary granted to William Lindsay & Lewis Givin, executors of the estate of James Lindsay, late of Tyrone Township, 26 May 1831.

(Source: Huntingdon County, PA Wills; as copied from Volume III, pages 322 and 345, at Huntingdon, PA)

SMITH/SMYTH, William, late of Peters Twp., Will dated Sept, 1, 1774; prob. April 1, 1775. Wife Mary; son-in-law Samuel Lindsay; son-in-law Samuel Findlay and his wife Jane; sons William (minor), ,Robert (under 21 years); dau, Mary Smith. Exrs: my brother Abraham Smyth, my son-in-law John Johnson, Dougal Campbel. Wits.: John Johnson, Edward Moore, Wm. Robinson. Page 198-200.

(Source: Cumberland County Wills, Cumberland County, Pa.)


LINDSEY, SAMUEL, West Pennsborough.  (Cumberland County)

October 25, 1791. December 7, 1791.

Wife Agness.

Son John.

Dau. Margaret Hammon.

Sons James and William.

Daus. Jenny and Nancy.

Son Samuel.

Son Robert.

Exs:  Wife Agness and sons William and Robert Lindsey.

Wit:  Joseph Hays, Nancy Hays.  E. 239-240.