Lands of John Lindsay..


The Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database provides a record of early land purchases for all of Illinois. John Lindsay, my ggGrandfather, settled in Sangamon County, Illinois. Apparently accompanied by Fleming County, Kentucky in-laws Peter Lanterman Sr. and his sons John, Peter, and Abraham, the progression of dates of recorded land transactions provide a simplified history of their arrival and subsequent prosperity.

(Peter Lanterman Sr. died Aug. 14, 1821 "near Springfield, Illinois".)


Sophia Lanterman Lindsay, my ggGrandmother was a daughter of Peter Sr. and sister of his sons. My gGrandfather, second son of John and Sophia, Abraham Lanterman Lindsay, was born April 11, 1819 in St. Clair County, Illinois. Sangamon County was not formed until 1821 so the “St. Clair County” birth record might well have been in the Springfield area, indicating the approximate time of arrival in the area.


John Lindsay and Peter Lanterman first purchased eighty acres each on Nov. 17, 1823. The next day (Nov. 18, 1823) Peter and Abraham Lanterman purchase eighty acres each. John Lanterman, the oldest son, finally purchased eighty acres Nov. 15, 1824. Each of them purchased additional lands up to May 1833. See schedule of purchases: sangamon_County lindsay_lands.htm


Act of Congress dated April 24th, 1820


The Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database contains information on the initial sales of public domain lands made in federal land district offices. Sales of federal lands resulted in land patents being issued at a later date by the U.S. General Land Office; patents for lands donated by the federal government to the state (i.e., school, saline, seminary, canal, and other internal improvement lands) were issued by the state. Lands donated to the Illinois Central Railroad never were conveyed by patents; clerks for that company executed deeds for those land sales. Today federal land patent records are maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (Eastern State Office), 7450 Boston Boulevard, Springfield, VA 22153.


The probate records I have of John Lindsay (d. March 15, 1842) do not offer a legal description of lands in the estate.


The Illinois land records indicate that John Lindsay altogether owned 320 acres. Additional John Lindsay / Lindsey tracts are found elsewhere and could be purchases of his not identified at this time.



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