Sophia Lanterman Lindsay is my ggGrandmother. She married John soon after the death of his first wife Mary Glass. If she was born in 1780, she was not a young bride. Its almost as if she had waited for him all along because not only did she quickly attached herself to John, but she also accepted five of Mary and John's children as her own. Amanda Luttan Lindsay was barely seven months old at the time of the marriage and I suspect the delivery of Amanda was difficult and may have been the cause of Mary's death. Any way, the children must of loved her as several are found with her among the census of Sangamon County in later years.

It is obvious the Lanterman's were a close family typical of their German ancestry.  First there is the family burial site at "Union Brick Cemetery" where several first generation members are found. Then they are located  (With the Applegate's) in Rostraver TWP, Westmoreland County, PA and just ~eleven miles from a David Lindsay in Bullskin TWP, Westmoreland/Fayette Counties Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Connection They stuck together in Kentucky. In 1811 John married Sophia in Fleming County, KY.  (John's father David lived a few miles west in Harrison County.) Apparently her parents continued to be close to John Lindsay because 1818-1819 migrated together to the new frontier of Illinois from Kentucky. There they settled in what is now the area/town site of Springfield, IL and are reported as early settlers of the city. See Early Settlers of Sangamon County

Even their lands were close by as shown by the map Lands of John Lindsay

Johan Peter Lanterman, Sophia's grandfather, was an immigrant from Wurtemberg, Germany. Descendants of Johan Peter Lanterman His grave and that of some of his family are found in a cemetery called "Union Brick Cemetery", just southeast of Blairstown, NJ.

(Buried at Union Brick Cemetery, it is only eleven miles from the tavern of David Lindsay, between Newton and Andover, NJ.)

There is another cemetery of note which can be found on the GNIS Cemetery List which the Lanterman's had in Springfield, Illinois. Lanterman Cemetery On Lanterman property and next to lands of John Lindsay it may be the resting place of numerous our collective family members. Sophia died sometime between 1860 and 1870, probably in Logan County, Illinois where the 1860 census indicates she was living with her son Abraham L. (gGrandfather) and his wife Ann Wise Lindsay.

Somewhere beneath the sod of Logan County she lies waiting for her remains to be found and recorded. Perhaps some Sunday Morning we shall discover her resting place once again. I think she must have been a great lady! 


On the Sunday morning sidewalks

Wishing Lord that I was stoned

'cause there is something in a Sunday

That makes a body feel alone

And there's nothin' short of dyin'

Half as lonesome as the sound

On the sleepin' city sidewalks

Sunday mornin' coming down

Kris Kristofferson