At this writing there are two immigration records which might document the arrival of David Lindsay in Sussex County, New Jersey:

Name: David Lindsey Year: 1760 Place: Pennsylvania Source Publication Code: 9761
Primary Immigrant: Lindsey, David Source Bibliography: WHYTE, DONALD.
A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the U.S.A. Vol. 2, with an appendix and
corrections to vol. 1. Baltimore: Magna Carta Book Co., 1986. 200p. Page: 78
Source Citation: Place: Pennsylvania; Year: 1760;
Page Number: 78.

ISBN 0-910946-28-0 (v. 2)

"Lindsey, David, b. ca 1710.  To PA ca 1760; settled Pittsburgh. Children include: 1) David b. 1731; 2) Edward; 3) William; 4) Hezekiah, b. 1747. (LC/E 5 Feb.1984) [#471]"

LC/E = Library Correspondence: Emigration. File in the Library of the Scottish Genealogy Society, Edinburgh.

David Lindsey Year: 1768 Place: Boston, Massachusetts Source Publication Code: 9750 Primary Immigrant: Lindsey, David Annotation: Excerpted from A Volume of Records Relating to the Early History of Boston Containing Miscellaneous Papers, Registry Department of the City of Boston, 29th in the series formerly called Record Commissioners' Reports, Document Number 100, published 1900. T Source Bibliography: WHITMORE, WILLIAM H., compiler. Port Arrivals and Immigrants to the City of Boston, 1715-1716 and 1762-1769. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1973. 111p. Page: 79

ISBN 080630541X

G929.3744 B64por Denver Public Library

Examination of this record reports passenger Captain David Lindsey arrived from London May 24, 1768 on the brig "Squirrell". Merchant owner Joseph Rotch, et al; New Bedford, Mass. ?