Accompanying this segment is the Publius V. Lawson Publication offering collected genealogy of the Lawson, Fleming Family, and other families of his ancestry. This page summarizes certain pertinent facts about Malcolm Fleming and some of  children, namely William, Thomas, Andrew. Another child Samuel is also considered, but it is suggested that because he was older (and removed) from the others, his life seems distant from his other American siblings.        The PDF File:combined_lawson_publication_p1_end.pdf

Some pertinent summarized information from the Lawson publication:

Malcolm Fleming   Yeoman and Weaver; lived (and probably died) in the Townland of Tullywiggan,  Derryloran Civil Paris, County Tyrone, Ireland. Tullywiggan is adjacent to the Lindesay of Loughry Townland and estate formed by Plantation Rights given ca 1609.

    Research indicates that his family from LARGS, Scotland.

    Family maybe migrated to Ireland ca 1647, during very troubled times.

     Died ca 1730

    Widow: Martha Fleming Bigger; married James Bigger and moved to Hunterdon Co, New Jersey

    Sons: William; Thomas; Andrew; and Samuel (Identified as "orphans")

    Trading town: Cookstown.        

    Church: Protestant; Townland of Gortalowry


David Fleming  Brother of Malcolm; living in 1758, may have had a daughter Mary; possibly married to David Lindsay or more likely, his mother. (David's only known wives were named Elizabeth?, Rebekah and Nancy.) I suggest the 'cousin' relationship of David Lindsay to the Fleming brothers Andrew, Thomas, and William was by virtue of David' Lindsay's mother being a daughter of Malcolm and sibling of David Fleming.



Personal Property:

"Know all men by these presents that I, James Bigger, of Tillywigin, in the Parish of Derryloran and County of Tyrone, Yeoman, for and in consideration of the sum of twenty-three pounds, with the lawful accruing interest thereof for several years past, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, and myself therewith fully satisfied, have bargained, sold, set over and delivered and by these presents do bargain, sell, set over and deliver according to due form of law in that case made and provided unto the Rev. John Strong, Rector of the said Parish, seven (7) head of black cattle to the value of seven pounds sterling.

Two horses and one mare to the value of four pounds sterling. Twelve head of sheep, ewes and wethers to the value of twenty-four shillings sterling, together with one weaver loom and web, therein, to the value of twenty-five shillings sterling

As also three oak chests with linen and wearing apparel therein to the value of twenty-five shillings sterling. As likewise several wooden vessels for bleaching linen cloth to the value of five shillings

With one cloth beam, three oak tables, and a couple of oak chairs, with several other pieces of household furniture to the value of thirty shillings sterling.


And also my full tenant right to my farm, in Tillywigen aforesaid, to have and to hold the said bargained premises unto the said John Strong, his executors, administrators or assigns, but in trust nevertheless and for the only use and benefit and behoof of THOMAS FLEMING, ANDREW FLEMING and WILLIAM FLEMING, the children and orphans of MALCOLM FLEMING deceased, which sum of twenty-three pounds above mentioned together with the lawful accruing interest thereof, was and is the proper patrimony of the said children and to which they are entitled as their portion of the goods and effects, whereof their said father died possessed and became liable to the trust and management of the said John Strong under his indulgent care of the SAID CHILDREN, and I the said James Bigger, for myself my heirs, executors and administrators, the said bargained premises unto the said John Strong, for the uses, intents and purposes aforesaid, shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents against all manner of persons absolutely forever.

In witness whereof, together with the delivery of the said bargained premises, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of August, 1736. JAMES BIGGER.

James Bigger   Husband of widow Martha Fleming administers Malcolm Fleming estate (prior to 1736) for minor sons William, Andrew, and Thomas who receive their "portion", indicating additional settlements. James Bigger, in anticipation of migrating to Hunterdon Co, NJ with Martha (others unknown) assign administration of estate to Rev. John Strong ("Rector of the said Parish") while brothers are still minors.


James Biggers dies:

Calendar of New Jersey Wills
Name: James Bigger
Date: 23 May 1756
Location: Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co

Martha Biggers will:

1766, Aug. 37. Bigger, Martha, of Bethlehem Twsp., Hunterdon Co.; will of. Son, Thomas Flemen, 5. Son, Andrew Flemen, 5. Son, William Flemen, 5. Son, Joseph' Biggerd, 10. To Robert Riggerd, son of Joseph, 10. To James Riggerd, my son, 10. To James and Martha Riggerd, both the children of Robert Riggerd, 10. To my five daughters-in-law, my apparel, but Elizabeth Riggerd to have her choice of gown; the other for Mary Flemen (wife of Thomas Flemen), Tely Flemen (wife of William), Ann Riggerd (wife of Jo- seph Reggerd), Ann Riggerd (widow of Robert); the apparel to be 42 NEW JERSEY COLONIAL DOCUMENTS to them. Son, Andrew Flemen, 5 yards of "worst." Rest to my sons, Joseph Reggerd, James Riggerd and John Rigerd (son of James Rigger). Executors son, James Riggird, and Francis McShane. Wit- nesses Thomas Little, Catrein Littel, Jane Littel. Proved Nov. 1, 1766. [Spellings as in will, but "Bigger" proper surname]. 1766, Sept. 4. Inventory, 82.13.0, made by Joseph Gorden, and Rob- art Little. Lib. 12, p. 408.



Irrespective of the spelling, all the heirs listed in this will fit perfectly with the known research. (The Lawson Publication shows where Thomas Fleming signed his name "Flemen"!)


Robert Biggers, Administrator of Martha Biggers estate:

1766, Oct. 10. Biggers, Robert, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co. Int. Adm'x Ann Biggers. Fellowbondsman Joseph Gordon; both of said place. 1766, Aug. 7. Inventory, 116.3.3, made by Francis McShane and Joseph Gordon. Lib. 12, p. 422

The Fleming brothers:




        *Samuel (b. 1707); apparently older brother of  Andrew, Thomas, & William Fleming; first found in Hunterdon County, NJ in 1746 where he was licensed to keep a 'public house'; Founder of Flemington, NJ; (d. 1790) Research by Susan Grabek indicates Samuel is from another Fleming family. Publius V. Lawson's publication does offer some compelling family information although some of it is via family tradition.


Andrew; Thomas; and William Fleming ~ the "Bethlehem Flemings"

*Thought to have come to the USA ca 1751.

*Bethlehem Township is located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey; 13 miles south of Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey, residence of David Lindsay 1769-1772.

*In the Bigger assignment of administration to Rev. Strong of brothers inheritance of 1736, the Fleming brothers are listed as "orphans"! Yet in 1766 Martha Biggers lists the brothers as "sons" in her will! In a sense, if widow Martha Fleming marries James Bigger in Ireland and moves with him to New Jersey, the Fleming brothers are indeed orphans"!

*Andrew Fleming signature is on same document as David Lindsay in the Thomas Boore petition.