Fleming County was named for Col. John Fleming, a Virginian who settled Fleming's Station in 1790.

It's been difficult to determine much of ggGrandfather John Lindsay presence in Fleming County, Kentucky. Finally, however, an 1810 census was submitted by USGenWeb ( which removes  some mystery about John's presence in Fleming County and not Harrison County with his father David.


John married both Mary Glass and Sophia Lanterman in Fleming County. He went with Samuel Little & his father-in-law Peter Lanterman (and their families) to Sangamon County, Illinois. Early settlers in Fleming County, and early settlers indeed in Sangamon County!

I have use the available census and tax records to estimate the movement of the Fleming County families associated with ggGrandfather John Lindsay. It could be the Little Family may have migrated to Kentucky along with the Lindsays. There may be have others (meaning segments of families) the records fail to reflect.

The first arrival of the Lantermans is documented as 1790 though they may have part of the 1787 movement. Some of the Applegates arrived by 1789 while the Glass Family first appears in 1800 and is firmly established in Fleming County in 1810. That John married Mary Glass in 1800, Fleming County is evidence of the Glass presence there is a least by that date.

THIS IS a COMPANION DOCUMENT to THE ASSOCIATED NAMES (Pennsylvania to Kentucky) PRESENTED IN: "COINCIDENCE of NAMES" for David Lindsay. Here is evidence of families present in SW Pennsylvania becoming residence in the Bourbon County area of Kentucky in the time of David Lindsay.

My view is these migrating families associated with David and John Lindsay is strong circumstantial evidence of the Lindsays presence in Westmoreland & Fayette Counties, Pennsylvania. TO REBUT THIS EVIDENCE IS TO SUSPEND REASON!

We know these names are associated with the following dates and locations:


    1766 The Forward TWP "Jersey Settlement" (PA) reports early settlers from Monmouth County, New Jersey as

        Applegate: Benjamin; Daniel; William & Thomas .

    1772 Veach in his publication "Some Pennsylvanians in 1772 . . . " reports the residence of :

        David Lindsay;

        Applegate: Benjamin; Daniel; William, and Thomas

        Glass: Samuel 

        Little: Absalom & Josiah .

    1773 The Bedford County, PA Tax List indicates the presence of:

        Applegate: Daniel

Remember, David Lindsay is located in Fayette County; established in 1783.

    1786 Rostraver TWP (PA) list of 'Taxable Inhabitants'.

         Lanterman  Peter

        Glass: John; James; Jonathan; William; Andrew; Robert

        Applegate: Benjamin Jr. and Sr; Garrard; Richard; William & William; Robert; Daniel; Jonathon

        Little: Samuel, & James. Samuel; John; Jacob; William; Widow (Elizabeth)


         David Lindsay is last found in the early part of Fleming County, PA in 1787. In November of 1787 he executes an agreement with  Thomas Moore, both residences in now Harrison County, KY, to purchase property on Mill Creek..

    1787 Bourbon County

            Lindsay None

    1788  Allegheny County formed. Rostraver TWP still in Westmoreland Co. Forward TWP in Allegheny County.

    1788 Bourbon County

           Lindsey David

            Little James

    1789 Bourbon County

            Lindsey David

            Linsey David

            Little James


        Westmoreland County PA

            Little: J L; John; John; Robert; Thomas

            Lanterman: None

            Applegate: None

        Allegheny County (Elizabeth TWP) PA    (Formed 1788)

            Applegate: Daniel; George; John; Garet; Samuel; Benjamin; Benjamin; James; Richard; William; Robert;

                                Daniel uncle of Sophia Lanterman Lindsay)

            Little: None

            Lanterman: None

First KY Census of 1790

        Bourbon County, Ky  (Formed 1786) (Tax List of)

            Lincey: Nicolas    (1791)

            Lyncy:  David        (1791)

            Little:  James; Thomas;    (1791)

            Lyttle:  James   

            Neisbet:  Alspy; Jeremiah; Nathan; Robert; Thomas; William        (1791)

        Fayette County     First KY Census (Formed 1785)

            Lauterman: Peter (1790)   

            Lensey: James     (1789)

            Linsey: John; William    (1789) Sons of David Lindsay?

            Lindsay: Anthony; Anthony Jr.; James; James; John; Nicholas; Vachel; William    (1789)

            Little: John     (1790)

            Lytle: John; William     (1789) William    (1790)

            Aplegate: Benjamin        (1789)

            Applegate: Richard; Benjamin; Richard    (1789) (Richard uncle of Sophia Lanterman Lindsay)   

            Appelgett Benjamin; Richard    (1789)

        Woodford County    (1790)  (Believe these names would become Scott County Applegates)

            Applegate Richard

            Applegett Benjamin?

        Jefferson County

            Applegate John; Richard; Richard; Samuel; Samuel; Stacy; Thomas (1789-1790)

    Harrison County, KY Formed 1794

    1800 Scott County, KY (Formed 1792)

            Glass: Samuel; Thomas; William; Fleming

            Applegate: Richard

            Lindsay: Anthony; etc. John; David?

            Nesbit: Alexander

    1810 Federal Census;

    Fleming County, KY    (Formed 1798)

            Aplegate: Benjamin; & Richard, brother of Aletta Applegate Lanterman

            Litle: Henry (Father of Samuel; Abraham; Rachel; Henry; George)

            Little: Samuel; Abraham

            Glass: James; George

            Makenison: James

            Lanterman: Peter (Father of Sophia Lanterman Lindsay; husband of Aletta  Applegate)

            Lindsay: John

    Scott County

            Glass William; Benjamin; Belfry; John

            Linsey Henry; James; Anthony

    Nicolas County

            None a/a

    Harrison County

            Linsey David

    Bourbon County

            Lindsey James




APPLEGATES    1786 Rostraver TWP, Westmoreland County, PA;  1789 some arriving Fayette Co., KY; 1790 Elizabeth TWP, Allegheny Co.; 1800 Scott Co., KY; 1810 Fleming Co., KY


GLASS                1786 Rostraver TWP, Westmoreland County, PA; 1800 Scott Co., KY; 1810 Fleming Co., KY


LINDSAY John   1786 Fayette County, PA; 1787 Fayette Co., PA to Bourbon Co., KY; 1789 Fayette Co., KY; 1810 Fleming Co., KY


LANTERMAN    1786 Rostraver TWP, Westmoreland County, PA; 1790 Fayette Co., KY; 1810 Fleming Co., KY


LITTLE                1786 Rostraver TWP, Westmoreland County, PA; 1788 Bourbon Co., KY; 1789 1788 Bourbon Co., KY; 1791 1788 Bourbon & Fayette Counties, KY; 1797 Fleming County, KY Samuel Little marries Mary Newcomb, age 21.


1800 Scott Co., Kentucky: Samuel, Thomas, William, & Fleming Glass are located along with Richard Applegate along with Kenneth Lindsays Anthony Lindsay people. An Alexander Nesbit is also listed along with David and John Lindsey.

Will of Henry Little


Samuel Little in Sangamon County, IL with John Lindsay and Peter Lanterman Family     a/a


Applegate Descendants


Henry Little reported to have live outside Flemingsburg


1810 Fleming Co, KY Census of John Lindsay